Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleeping Update

It's 7:44 and the Castrucci household has been quiet since 7:33... Mr. Monkey Pants whined for a total of 2 minutes this evening and then went promptly to sleep.  Let's just hope that this lasts through the night... but it's nice to be so successful on just Day 4.

So, I have some apologies to make.

1. Amy you were right.  Ferber works wonders.
2. Mr. Ferber I apologize for doubting your theory and maybe, just maybe, calling it hocus pocus once or twice.
3. All those parents who are out there who have testified that Ferber worked for them, sorry for saying "bullshit" to your posts.  That wasn't nice of me.
4. Doctor who wrote Baby 411... yeah, I said you were full of crap when you told me that my baby not sleeping was me letting him run the household.  Ummm, you were correct.
5. General apology to anyone who I may have offended either out loud or in my head about sleeping babies.  I take it all back.

I'll update you tomorrow about how long he slept.

Sogni d'oro (or "sweet dreams" in English).

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