Monday, June 21, 2010

Pediatrician's Appt

So last week I tell you I don't have enough to blog about daily and today I'm giving you 2 posts... go figure.

Anyway, Monkey went to the Pediatrician today and here is the news:

Weight: 20.4 lbs - 64% (I totally think they did this wrong and that he is more around 40 lbs... lugging that boy around is a bit much recently)

Height: 29 in - 92% (the nurse practitioner exclaimed how big Monkey's feet are and ensured me he was going to be a tall one - apparently he gets that from his father)

Head circumference: 18 in - 99% (he gets this from his father too)

He got two shots - polio and hepatitis. He wasn't a fan but calmed down quickly.

Nothing alarming to report.  Overall he is a pretty normal kid.  Brian asked about Monkey's energy level... if it was within the normal range... and the nurse practitioner said babies have all kinds of different energy levels and that Monkey is normal.  Then Brian asked if there was something we could do to make Monkey less active.  Nope, there is nothing.

We are getting him more and more on real food (rather than the real baby food).  So far he has eaten watermelon, peaches, cheerios, ground beef, barbecue pork, scrambled and hardboiled egg yolk, yogurt, and mashed ripe bananas.  Not the biggest fan of the yogurt yet but it took us 3 tries with the bananas so I think we are good.  I'm working on over cooking some vegetables for him too.

Final note: my baby is growing up way too fast.  I anticipate a lot of crying on his first birthday.

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