Friday, June 18, 2010

Monkey Explores

I often think that Brian gets a little nervous every morning when he leaves Monkey with me.  Yes he thinks I'm a good (or even great) mother but he also knows 2 things about me:

1. I am a klutz.  I'm only being realistic.  I've dropped a full glass bottle of olive oil on the concrete floor, I've dropped my phone once or twice, I've dropped a container of olives, etc, etc, etc.  So, I don't blame him for being a little nervous, but I'm happy to say I have NEVER dropped Monkey.

2. I am way less risk adverse than Brian.  I'm not letting Monkey put his fingers in any sockets or anything but I let him explore objects, with my close supervision, that Brian might not allow.  For instance:

This is a picture of Monkey playing with an umbrella (yes my umbrella is leopard print... and?).

I watched closely (before I took some pictures) and made sure he never chewed on the metal rods.  He likes the velcro for his teething.  But all I could hear in the back of my mind was Brian telling me that he could poke his palette with the metal rods.

This is a picture of Monkey playing with tupperware.

I am constantly trying to give him "puzzles" to figure out so I filled a tupperware container with his toys and he had to figure out how to open it.  Once he did, he immediately put the lid in his mouth and I could hear Brian telling me that Monkey could cut himself on the lid. 

And, this is Monkey after he finished playing with a water bottle and before he decided to chew my purse. 
He likes to gnaw on the cap and hold on to the bottle.  And again, I hear Brian telling me that if he falls over the bottle could jam into his throat.

I think Monkey needs to explore.  I'd rather he do this with me there to make sure the things Brian imagines don't happen rather than alone (this theory does not extend to drug use, sex, or alcohol, that will not be allowed with or without me there).  And I don't think that Brian necessarily agrees with me... poor guy, he really had no idea what he had married.

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