Monday, August 30, 2010

1 Year Checkup

So, once I've cleaned up from all the guests and recovered from all the cake I'll post about Evan's first birthday.  Until then, I thought I'd share with you his stats from his 1 year checkup:

Weight: 21lbs, 13oz (67.42%)
Height: 30 & 1/2 in (77.85%) - let's remember that I am 60 inches
Head: 18.5 in (98.8%) - at least this didn't get any bigger

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diaper Rash: The Real Story

Yes, I'm going to bore you with one more post about diaper rash.  But I think it's important you know what I've been doing the last few days and I'm trying to ignore the fact that tomorrow is my big boy's first birthday since I already started to cry when I put him to bed.

So, on with diaper rash.

First I wanted to share with you what the experts (being my Evan's pediatrician's office) recommend you do:
  1. Rinse with warm water: Rinse the baby's skin with lots of warm water during each diaper change.  Wash with a mild soap only after stools (Reason: Frequent use of soap can interfere with healing).  Avoid diaper wipes (Reason: They leave a film of bacteria on the skin).
  2. Use protective ointment: If you child has diarrhea and a sever rash around the anus, use a protective ointment (barrier ointment) such as petroleum jelly, A&D or Desitin.  Otherwise these are not needed.  Caution: Wash off the skin before applying.
This all sounds like great advice.  Now, let's see how Ellen implements this on a routine "poopy" diaper change (and I guarantee you my version won't use such technical terms as "anus" or "stool").
  1. Monkey walks past and Mommy sniffs a poopy.
  2. Mommy starts to walk towards Monkey to double check and Monkey thinks they are playing "chase" so he takes off.
  3. Mommy wrestles Monkey to the ground and smells his behind.  Mommy inhales a bit too much and almost passes out.  She slight loosens her grip on Monkey and he takes off.
  4. Mommy grabs Monkey, again, and brings him to the changing table.
  5. Monkey commences screaming.
  6. Mommy places Monkey on the changing table where he promptly turns over.  Mommy puts Monkey back in his back and leans over him and anchors him with her arm.
  7. Mommy takes off Monkey's diaper.
  8. Mommy uses a tissue to try and get some of the poopy off Monkey's red little behind.
  9. Monkey tries to grab the tissue, his penis, the old diaper, anything within reach.  Mommy loses her cool a little bit and speaks harshly to Monkey.
  10. Mommy apologizes to Monkey.
  11. Mommy pushes Monkey's onesie up under his arms and carries Monkey, under his armpits and far away from her body, to the kitchen sink.
  12. Mommy stands Monkey in the kitchen sink and turns on the water to get it warm.
  13. Monkey turns off the water.  Mommy turns on the water.  Monkey turns the water to cold.
  14. Mommy tries to hold Monkey and his onesie with one hand, and protect the faucet with the other.  Monkey starts to reach for the soap.  Mommy wishes she could grow one more hand.
  15. The water is warm and Mommy sprays it on Monkey's behind and man parts (just kidding... I don't call them "man parts" but that sounded too funny).  Monkey is startled and then slowly smiles.  Mommy is disturbed.
  16. Mommy shuts off the water and while still holding Monkey, his onesie, and protecting the faucet, Mommy gets soap on her other hand.
  17. Mommy lathers Monkey with soap, getting in all the crevices and getting out all the (I know, you forgot it was a poopy... well I didn't) poop.
  18. Mommy thinks of happy place so she doesn't have to think about the fact that she is touching poop... with her bare hands.
  19. Mommy rinses off Monkey and realizes that yet again she left the dishcloth she was using as a towel in Monkey's bedroom.  Mommy grabs a new dishcloth (for the fourth time that day), wraps it around Monkey and returns to his bedroom.
  20. Mommy dries off Monkey's legs and feet and pats dry everything else.  Monkey attempts to roll over and starts crying.
  21. Mommy gets a diaper ready but has to let go of Monkey.  He rolls over and starts to grab the petroleum jelly / wipes / monitor / lamp... anything within reach.
  22. Mommy picks up Monkey and puts him back on the changing table and then wrestles a diaper underneath him.
  23. With the diaper underneath him Mommy then slathers petroleum jelly over anything that is red while Monkey tries to grab his penis.
  24. Mommy closes the diaper with her finger still covered in petroleum jelly and tries not to get it anywhere else.
  25. While holding Monkey down and not getting petroleum jelly anywhere, Mommy snaps shut Monkey's onesie,.
  26. Mommy places Monkey on the floor and cleans off her hands.  She then goes and boils them since they touched poop.
  27. Repeat every 2 hours (but not the washing with soap or boiling of hands if there is no poopy).
So, ladies and gentleman, the two little points from Evan's pediatrician have made diaper time a seriously fun experience in my household.  And, when Brian is home I think we get to knock off about 2 steps if he helps me out. 

On the bright side I do believe his rash is getting better. 

And one more thing, if you read this and you know of a better way for me to do something... right now, I just don't want to know.  Because if I've been doing all this for the past 2 days and someone waltzes in and tells me I can skip 20 steps by just doing "x"... bad things might happen.  That's all I'm sayin'...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poor Mr. Monkey

When I refer to Evan as Mr. Monkey I always imagine him as a monkey you see on TV or even the stereotypical monkey you would see with an organ grinder.  You know, the cute furry ones that are always on the move and a bit mischievous.  Well... today my Mr. Monkey is a different kind of monkey:

I know... it's so sad.  His little behind is slowly on the mend but it doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon.  And on his birthday week too... that is just sad.

And so I need a post to remind me of the other type of monkey.  The monkey that spends a lot of time playing with my tupperware and one day decided to crawl in to the tupperware cabinet.

Right after I took this picture Evan came tumbling out of the cabinet.  He cried for about 2 seconds and then another piece of tupperware caught his attention.

How about the bath monkey?  The boy that as soon as he is done getting cleaned he flips right over and starts playing in the tub.  He has a duck puppet, some tupperware (see a trend here), a frog washcloth... and of course... the tub itself.

(Oh come on... you knew at some point there had to be a picture of him naked.)

He loves to pull on the shower lever on the faucet but his absolute favorite thing to do is to play with the inside of the faucet.  I'm not a plumber so I have no idea what is up there... but he sure loves it.

There... that's better... my playful monkey is back in my mind while my little red butt monkey is sleeping in his crib. 

Sleep tight Monkey and sogni d'oro.

I know, you thought that since I now have a camera that every day would be a video.  Well, his birthday is coming up and then you will be inundated with video so enjoy this break.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Poor Evan

There is a scene in the movie "French Kiss" that I thought of today while I was taking care of my baby (and if you haven't seen this move... rent it... now... if you like fluffy romantic comedies and you like Europe):

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I believe my baby may just be lactose intolerant or some derivative thereof. He is fine with milk in all its cooked forms (cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc) but it just so happens that when I started him on an itty bitty bit of whole milk the child's bum decided against it. And now he has a diaper rash that covers his entire lower regions.

So sad. But per my mom's advice, good old vaseline to the rescue and I think we will be on the mend in no time.

Thankfully I'm seeing the pediatrician on Monday so she can tell me the best alternative liquid.
And, even more thankfully, this rash hurts me WAY more than it hurts Evan. I almost cried while changing him. Evan decided to play with his father's cuff links.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal

So I'm not being very good at following my own idea of posting old photos of Monkey and taking a walk down memory lane.  This might have something to do with the fact that I have recently started to cut out caffeine (still a cup of coffee in the morning but little to no caffeine soda during the day) and all this makes me want to do is be in a dark room, under the covers, with very little noise. 

I hate caffeine.

No, I love caffeine... I hate not having any caffeine.

I should be "normal" by Monday and I'll return then.  Until then, have a diet coke for me... please.

Oh... and why am I cutting out caffeine?  Well... you shouldn't be drinking a lot of caffeine when you are getting ready to try for #2... and that is all I'm saying on that for right now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Retrospective: Months 4 - 6

Month 4:

By 4 months Monkey was spending most of his time on the floor.  He had learned how to roll to one side but we were still working on all the way over.

Another thing he started to do was talking to objects.  In this photo he is having a long conversation with the stuffed baby monkey (which incidentally he recently pulled in to his crib to use the pacifier). 

What I remember about 4 months:
  • Packing (we were on our way to the ATL)
  • Interaction - Monkey had fully become a monkey at this point
  • Life was almost back to normal - he was sleeping in his own room, through the night, and we were leaving the house together a lot

Month 5:

And here is the little man at 5 months old.  For Monkey, Santa is just one of the many strangers that have held him over the past year.  Seriously, people are always asking me if they can hold Monkey.  As long as he doesn't care - I let them.  I mean, if Monkey can bring joy to the world then why not let him?

At 5 months Evan was learning something new every day.  But we were in the middle of moving, living in a hotel, and unpacking so I honestly don't remember much from this time.  Thankfully I can go back and read this blog to jog my memory.

Month 6:

At 6 months old, Evan took an airplane to Mexico to hang out with Maga, Grandpa, Aunt Amy, Uncle Ian, and his cousins (look Daddy still has his glasses here - if you aren't sure what I'm talking about then you need to read this).

At 6 months Monkey's laugh was settled, he was taking baths in the big bath tub, and I thought he was growing up way too fast.

What I remember about 6 months:
  • Moving to a new apartment and giving Monkey a night bottle again (I know... not so smart)
  • Getting ready to start baby / solid food
  • Enjoying Evan as an independent person from me who had definite likes and dislikes

As each month passes I think to myself "This month is my favorite month."  And then the next month comes and I say it again.  Seriously, the journey of this first year has been awesome.  I can only hope it continues (but with how headstrong Monkey already is I'm sure there will be some moments of frustration!).

What was I doing a year ago today?  I had just found out about my c-section and telling you about Evan's conception.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Retrospective: Months 1 - 3

In honor of Evan's upcoming birthday I thought it appropriate for me to take some posts and look back over the last year.

Month 1

This is Evan in the first few weeks of his life doing what he did most of  the time... he slept.

Here is what I remember about his first month:
  • Pain killers from my c-section
  • Sleeping in the couch while my mom , Brian and I watched Wife Swap
  • Wondering what the heck I was doing... all the time
  • Waking up baby to feed because he never woke up on his own
  • Just staring at him
  • Waiting for his mom to come and pick him up since there was no way he was my child
Month 2
Mont 2 pretty much still had him sleeping all the time.

Here is what I remember about his second month:
  • Infection in my c-section scar
  • I thought the boy had colic because we were having problems breast feeding
  • Exhaustion
  • My baby looking at me more and more every day
  • My baby turning to the sound of my voice
  • Falling madly and deeply in love

Month 3:

By the third month of life, Monkey was interacting more and his personality was starting to show.  Here is a picture of him during one of his favorite times of the day.

Here is what I remember about the third month:
  • Getting into a groove with my baby
  • Being less tired
  • Going for walks where his eyes would just take in everything
  • Playing with Evan on the floor
  • The beginning of smiles and laughing
  • Truly enjoying every moment with him

I can't believe this little man is almost 1 year old.

And what was I doing 1 year ago today?  I was off of work, wondering if my ankles could swell anymore or if the skin would just burst, "sleeping" on my chaise lounge, wearing my carpal tunnel sleeve, but not ready to give up being pregnant just yet.  I didn't know about my induction just yet but knew something was probably going to happen since my doctor was having my prick my finger 3 times a day and was worried about the size of the baby.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aunt Amy Visits Atlanta (say that ten times fast)

On Monday my sister came down for a visit while her kids are at camp.  She just came to hang out and that is what we did.  On Monday we chilled in the apartment.  On Tuesday we went to the mall (where Aunt Amy bought super cute Monkey clothes for Evan's birthday... and you will just have to wait until his birthday to see the really cute onesie Aunt Amy bought), I took her to Sublime Donuts and introduced her to the strawberry shortcake donut (drooling), and then home.  On Wednesday Amy had a chance to bond with Monkey while I went to the OB/GYN to discuss my uterus and other female parts (all things going well... I'll update in a blog about that later and give fair warning to those who just don't want to hear about that).  Then I took her to Morelli's (awesome ice cream) where she partook in the salted caramel goodness and finally she babysat Monkey while Brian and I went out to dinner at the Woodfire Grill.

"What is the Woodfire Grill?" you ask.  Well... it is a little bit of heaven in 4 walls.  It is a restaurant owned and operated by Chef Kevin Gillespie.  Kevin is a local well known chef who was on Bravo's Top Chef last season (and made it to the top 3 against 2 brothers - one of whom won... sorry if that was a spoiler to anyone).  And Kevin (because we are on a first name basis) is amazing.  Brian and I had the 7 course tasting menu (I'm amazed at my husband's choice to do a blind tasting menu and I love him all the more for it) and it may have been the best food I've ever had.  Yes, even better than the guanciale ravioli at Mario Batali's restaurant in Las Vegas. 

Here was our tasting menu:

And yes, both Brian and I ate EVERYTHING on our plates.  It was incredible.

What?  You want to know what is in the upper right hand corner of the menu?  Well, while I was in the bathroom Brian had a conversation with the manager to let him know how much we loved the food and the various places we've encountered Kevin (at the Food Show in Atlanta, we ate his ice cream creation at Morelli's), and Brian felt he got jobbed on Top Chef).  So, when I came back from the bathroom the manager showed up at our table with the tasting menu printed out (which they don't normally do) AND...
... Kevin Gillespie's signature.  I plan on framing this menu and hanging it in my new kitchen... when it gets built... in 2012 (just kidding... I probably need to blog an update on that too - so much to do). 

Aunt Amy left this morning.  I love when people come in for whirlwind visits... it gives them time to see Evan and it gives Evan time to see them. 

I think Evan had a good time with his Aunt:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monkey and the Golden Goose

Okay... well not "goose"... more like cat.  To be more specific a cat that surprises me at every turn.  When we first got Lucy (she was "rescued" from an alley - I use the quotes because I don't believe in bringing stray cats off the street - neuter and release instead) she was skittish and terrified most of the time.  The first time she got out of her room she ran up a brick wall - I kid you not.  In fact, she was so shy that when we lived in NJ people didn't even know she existed.  Then we put her in the belly of a plane and brought her to Texas.  A brand new cat emerged.

This cat was loving and wanted my attention all the time.  When strangers came over she would let them see her and occasionally even let them pet her.  And then I brought home a little Monkey Pants and I thought for sure this was the last we would see of Lucy.  But oddly she would hang around the baby.  She would even come for love from me when I was feeding Evan.  Of course when Evan sticks out his little hand to grab her she still runs... almost all of the time.

And here is where the bond between baby and cat begins.  For lunch Monkey almost always gets chicken (because I'm usually either running around like a maniac or cooking him something for dinner) and Lucy L-O-V-E-S chicken and more importantly... Baby L-O-V-E-S Lucy (are you annoyed by me spelling that yet... because I am).  So, when Baby eats chicken Lucy wants to be near.  And when Lucy is near Baby goes crazy.

Let's see what happens:

So everyone is in position. Lucy is sitting on the island far enough away from the baby and Evan is in his high chair with his chicken.  Notice the glow on his face as he reaches out to Lucy.

Evan is getting closer.  Just wait for it...

And we have contact.  Sheer joy on Evan's face and confusion on Lucy's face (which you can't see) because there is no chicken in Evan's hand.

But wait a second.  We have another brave soul who is looking for chicken.  Who could this be?

Why it's the Socksie Cat (also known as Lenny from "Of Mice and Men" because he isn't so smart and doesn't know his own strength). 

But poor Socksie... Evan isn't nearly as excited to have him close by. 

It's okay, he is like his mother, seduced by fluffy cats.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Your Opinion is Appreciated

So, while we were at Brian's parent's house my little eye spied this picture:

On the back of it was written, "Brian, May 1975."  For those of you who aren't aware of Brian's birthday, he was 14 months old in this picture.

At first it was difficult for me to see much resemblance to Brian.  But then I compared the two side by side and it clicked:

And so I thought... maybe... just maybe... Evan is an exact replica of his father. 

I made them all stand together (yes, I've now given life to the sketch and am including it in "they")... and... I'm still not sure.  So I need your opinion.  What do you see?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Phil Jackson

The other night Brian told me I'm kind of like Phil Jackson... and I completely agree.

For those of you who may not understand this comparison let me explain.  Phil Jackson is the coach of the champion Los Angeles Lakers (basketball team) also known by some as one of the greatest teams ever (not by me... I am not a fan, my heart lies in San Antonio with the Spurs).  Phil Jackson's record as a coach is exceptional (I'm too lazy to look it up so I can't give you exact stats) but his standing as one of the greatest basketball coaches ever is always in question.  The reason is... he coaches super stars. So, does Phil Jackson make the super stars win or would they win with any coach and Phil Jackson is just smart enough to work for teams with super stars?

And how does all of this translate to me?  Well... am I a great mom or would Monkey be this way with any mom because he is such a great kid? 

I'm not sure this question can ever be answered... but I bet you Phil Jackson will make it into the hall of fame!  That's all I'm sayin'...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Florida Vacation

Instead of me telling you about Evan's vacation I've decided to let Evan tell you about his vacation in his own words.

Last week Mommy and Daddy took me on an airplane.  It was really no big deal since I've already been on seven different planes and even went on an international plane (that means I flew from one country to another).  When I was a baby I would sleep on the planes.  But, not anymore... there is way too much for me to do and see.  I like to crawl all over Mommy and Daddy, smile at the people sitting behind me, and make lots of plane friends.  But all of this takes a lot of energy.  It turns out that I did need a nap on the way to Florida. 

I just waited until we were about to land to pass out.  Daddy sure is warm and comfy.

When we got to Florida I got to see my Papa and Grandma.  We went out to eat and I had some yummy yummy fish.  My belly really likes fish.  The only problem is that the smell continues on out the other end.

While we were in Florida I got to go to the ocean.  I went to the ocean back when I was a little baby in Cancun but I wasn't sure if I liked it back then.  This time I know I liked it.

Papa held my hands while the water came in around my ankles.  I probably could have walked on my own but someone always wants to hold my hands.

You'll notice I'm not wearing my hat anymore.  It's because I don't want to.  You see, Mommy and Daddy thought they were smart by getting me a hat that velcroed under my chin.  And it worked until I figured out I could pull off the hat from the back of my head to the front.  So, if you put it on, I take it off.  And now... no more hat.

We also went to the Mote aquarium in Florida.  Mommy kept saying she was getting hungry but I couldn't stop looking at the fish.  Oh my goodness, there are so many fish and they just swim and swim and swim.  And then Daddy took me to see the dolphins.  Those are his favorite fish and they were neat. 

While we were walking around Mommy saw this silly place to take pictures.  It was a wooden frame with cutouts for a head.  Mommy wondered what I would do so she took me behind the frame. Of course I knew exactly what to do so I immediately put my head through the frame.

Look at me, I'm a turtle!  It was funny.

I had a lot of fun on my vacation but it all ended too soon.  Then Mommy and Daddy took me on another plane (my 9th before I'm one year old) and we came back home.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home and was so tired that I didn't even stir until 7:00 in the morning.

I can't wait to see Grandma and Papa at the end of August.  Mommy told me they are coming up to celebrate my birthday... whatever that is.

Vacation Recap to Come

We just got back from visiting Brian's parents in FL and I definitely have some good pictures and stories to share.  I'll start working on it this evening so hopefully you will have a new post tomorrow.

I just wanted to share with you that Evan is now clapping - open handed with two hands clapping.  Oh yeah, and he has pretty much weaned himself from the bottle.  I'm so not prepared for another baby who might actually be "normal" (no, I'm not pregnant... just talking about "someday").