Friday, August 13, 2010

Retrospective: Months 1 - 3

In honor of Evan's upcoming birthday I thought it appropriate for me to take some posts and look back over the last year.

Month 1

This is Evan in the first few weeks of his life doing what he did most of  the time... he slept.

Here is what I remember about his first month:
  • Pain killers from my c-section
  • Sleeping in the couch while my mom , Brian and I watched Wife Swap
  • Wondering what the heck I was doing... all the time
  • Waking up baby to feed because he never woke up on his own
  • Just staring at him
  • Waiting for his mom to come and pick him up since there was no way he was my child
Month 2
Mont 2 pretty much still had him sleeping all the time.

Here is what I remember about his second month:
  • Infection in my c-section scar
  • I thought the boy had colic because we were having problems breast feeding
  • Exhaustion
  • My baby looking at me more and more every day
  • My baby turning to the sound of my voice
  • Falling madly and deeply in love

Month 3:

By the third month of life, Monkey was interacting more and his personality was starting to show.  Here is a picture of him during one of his favorite times of the day.

Here is what I remember about the third month:
  • Getting into a groove with my baby
  • Being less tired
  • Going for walks where his eyes would just take in everything
  • Playing with Evan on the floor
  • The beginning of smiles and laughing
  • Truly enjoying every moment with him

I can't believe this little man is almost 1 year old.

And what was I doing 1 year ago today?  I was off of work, wondering if my ankles could swell anymore or if the skin would just burst, "sleeping" on my chaise lounge, wearing my carpal tunnel sleeve, but not ready to give up being pregnant just yet.  I didn't know about my induction just yet but knew something was probably going to happen since my doctor was having my prick my finger 3 times a day and was worried about the size of the baby.

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  1. I totally relate. I didn't want him to come out and sometimes I miss him being in there.