Monday, August 9, 2010

Monkey and the Golden Goose

Okay... well not "goose"... more like cat.  To be more specific a cat that surprises me at every turn.  When we first got Lucy (she was "rescued" from an alley - I use the quotes because I don't believe in bringing stray cats off the street - neuter and release instead) she was skittish and terrified most of the time.  The first time she got out of her room she ran up a brick wall - I kid you not.  In fact, she was so shy that when we lived in NJ people didn't even know she existed.  Then we put her in the belly of a plane and brought her to Texas.  A brand new cat emerged.

This cat was loving and wanted my attention all the time.  When strangers came over she would let them see her and occasionally even let them pet her.  And then I brought home a little Monkey Pants and I thought for sure this was the last we would see of Lucy.  But oddly she would hang around the baby.  She would even come for love from me when I was feeding Evan.  Of course when Evan sticks out his little hand to grab her she still runs... almost all of the time.

And here is where the bond between baby and cat begins.  For lunch Monkey almost always gets chicken (because I'm usually either running around like a maniac or cooking him something for dinner) and Lucy L-O-V-E-S chicken and more importantly... Baby L-O-V-E-S Lucy (are you annoyed by me spelling that yet... because I am).  So, when Baby eats chicken Lucy wants to be near.  And when Lucy is near Baby goes crazy.

Let's see what happens:

So everyone is in position. Lucy is sitting on the island far enough away from the baby and Evan is in his high chair with his chicken.  Notice the glow on his face as he reaches out to Lucy.

Evan is getting closer.  Just wait for it...

And we have contact.  Sheer joy on Evan's face and confusion on Lucy's face (which you can't see) because there is no chicken in Evan's hand.

But wait a second.  We have another brave soul who is looking for chicken.  Who could this be?

Why it's the Socksie Cat (also known as Lenny from "Of Mice and Men" because he isn't so smart and doesn't know his own strength). 

But poor Socksie... Evan isn't nearly as excited to have him close by. 

It's okay, he is like his mother, seduced by fluffy cats.

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