Monday, August 16, 2010

Retrospective: Months 4 - 6

Month 4:

By 4 months Monkey was spending most of his time on the floor.  He had learned how to roll to one side but we were still working on all the way over.

Another thing he started to do was talking to objects.  In this photo he is having a long conversation with the stuffed baby monkey (which incidentally he recently pulled in to his crib to use the pacifier). 

What I remember about 4 months:
  • Packing (we were on our way to the ATL)
  • Interaction - Monkey had fully become a monkey at this point
  • Life was almost back to normal - he was sleeping in his own room, through the night, and we were leaving the house together a lot

Month 5:

And here is the little man at 5 months old.  For Monkey, Santa is just one of the many strangers that have held him over the past year.  Seriously, people are always asking me if they can hold Monkey.  As long as he doesn't care - I let them.  I mean, if Monkey can bring joy to the world then why not let him?

At 5 months Evan was learning something new every day.  But we were in the middle of moving, living in a hotel, and unpacking so I honestly don't remember much from this time.  Thankfully I can go back and read this blog to jog my memory.

Month 6:

At 6 months old, Evan took an airplane to Mexico to hang out with Maga, Grandpa, Aunt Amy, Uncle Ian, and his cousins (look Daddy still has his glasses here - if you aren't sure what I'm talking about then you need to read this).

At 6 months Monkey's laugh was settled, he was taking baths in the big bath tub, and I thought he was growing up way too fast.

What I remember about 6 months:
  • Moving to a new apartment and giving Monkey a night bottle again (I know... not so smart)
  • Getting ready to start baby / solid food
  • Enjoying Evan as an independent person from me who had definite likes and dislikes

As each month passes I think to myself "This month is my favorite month."  And then the next month comes and I say it again.  Seriously, the journey of this first year has been awesome.  I can only hope it continues (but with how headstrong Monkey already is I'm sure there will be some moments of frustration!).

What was I doing a year ago today?  I had just found out about my c-section and telling you about Evan's conception.

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  1. I can't believe Evan is almost 1! He's growing up too fast. Next time I see you he'll probably be 6 ft tall. Speaking of, any plans to venture back to TX soon?