Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poor Mr. Monkey

When I refer to Evan as Mr. Monkey I always imagine him as a monkey you see on TV or even the stereotypical monkey you would see with an organ grinder.  You know, the cute furry ones that are always on the move and a bit mischievous.  Well... today my Mr. Monkey is a different kind of monkey:

I know... it's so sad.  His little behind is slowly on the mend but it doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon.  And on his birthday week too... that is just sad.

And so I need a post to remind me of the other type of monkey.  The monkey that spends a lot of time playing with my tupperware and one day decided to crawl in to the tupperware cabinet.

Right after I took this picture Evan came tumbling out of the cabinet.  He cried for about 2 seconds and then another piece of tupperware caught his attention.

How about the bath monkey?  The boy that as soon as he is done getting cleaned he flips right over and starts playing in the tub.  He has a duck puppet, some tupperware (see a trend here), a frog washcloth... and of course... the tub itself.

(Oh come on... you knew at some point there had to be a picture of him naked.)

He loves to pull on the shower lever on the faucet but his absolute favorite thing to do is to play with the inside of the faucet.  I'm not a plumber so I have no idea what is up there... but he sure loves it.

There... that's better... my playful monkey is back in my mind while my little red butt monkey is sleeping in his crib. 

Sleep tight Monkey and sogni d'oro.

I know, you thought that since I now have a camera that every day would be a video.  Well, his birthday is coming up and then you will be inundated with video so enjoy this break.

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