Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pajama Sunday

This morning I was breastfeeding Chloe and of course this meant that Evan needed my attention, right then.  So he climbed up on the couch to get as close as possible.  Brian looked at the three of us and decided it was a perfect moment for family photos. 

Now let's discuss the photos:

So thankfully he waited to take the pictures until after I was finished breastfeeding.  I mean just because the air conditioniny guys have seen my boobs doesn't mean that you have to. (Check out the fear - or possibly annoyance - on Chloe's face).

Brian decided that while my hair looked okay from the side view that the pictures should really be about Chloe and Evan in their jammie jams.  Oh yeah... and my giant upper arm.

Fabulous smile on Evan... cute look on Chloe's face... and hello cleavage!  There are some definite bonuses to breasfeeding.

Yowsers, from the front my bed head is really spooky.  You ladies with straight hair... this is what I think about when you tell me you would kill for my curly hair and then you wake up, brush your hair, and leave the house.

And yes, those are my pajamas.  The pants are actually certified pajamas.  The shirt has become pajamas out of necessity.  You see, I need to wear something to bed in which I can breastfeed and I'm just not paying for a breastfeeding pajama top.  And yes, I wear that shirt during the day as well... once it's washed.

And of course Evan became fascinated by the camera (read machinery with buttons) so he wanted to play with it.  The only way Brian could distract him was to take pictures of him on his own:

After this "calm" we then had a crazy Sunday.  We went to the Farmer's Market and then the mall (where Monkey ran around like a maniac).  Evan then pretended to nap for a little over and hour after which Brian and Evan went to the pool (I stayed home to be glamorous and do things like make the bed for my sister who is going to visit this week, clean the bathrooms, do some laundry, etc), we had dinner (thank you Farmer's Market) and then the boy went to bed 10 minutes early (because Mommy needed him to). 

Sometimes I need a break from my weekends.  And, tomorrow I'll be getting one.  My friend Robin is coming to town so I get a babysitter and we are doing girly things (specifically getting mani/pedis and then eating beef - she's from Texas so that is pretty girly).

Thursday, July 28, 2011


No, I haven't disappeared we've just been hosting a lot of family recently which has left little time for blogging.  Not to mention that Evan started to get up at 5:50 AM every morning and Chloe is still feeding at night... just a little busy. 

But I wanted to touch base with you all and share this little conversation between Brian and I the other night.

Me:  I'm exhausted. 
Brian:  Why?
Me: Well, I get up throughout the night and now Evan has decided he has to get up before 6am... it's killing me.
Brian: Chloe is still waking you up a lot? (notice how the man who sleeps in the same room as Chloe and I has no idea how many times I get up at night)
Me: Yes, at least once but often twice a night. Evan was sleeping through the night at this point.
Brian: You know, some babies don't sleep through the night for a year.
Me: silence... just staring at him
Me: I tell you I'm exhausted from getting up during the night and your response is to tell me that I might be doing this for another 40 weeks?
Brian: Probably not the best thing to say... huh?

Just thought you might enjoy a short glimpse in to our life.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Cutest Little Man... Ever

Chloe is sick (she finally caught Evan's cold), I have misplaced (I'm going to assume it is misplaced rather than go directly to the "lost" thought) the power cord to my video camera so I can't share with you the videos I planned to share, and there are yet again contractors swarming around my house trying to fix our air conditioner... again... so I'm starting out the weekend on a high note. In case anyone else is feeling the same way, I thought I'd share with you some photos of the cutest little man ever.

If you remember, before we purchased Evan his own little table and chairs, we ate every meal out on our screened in porch (and no, this house is not run by a child... and that's the story I'm sticking to). One morning a couple of weeks ago I had to take out the garbage at the last minute (stick with me, this story is going somewhere... it's like how my mom tells a story, you just have to have faith that everything will come together). And I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not but I look super sexy in the morning. Specifically my hair... which looks like I've spent weeks in the wilderness without shampoo or brush... I kid you not. So, I grabbed one of Brian's hats and brought beauty to my neighborhood with my broke down t-shirt and wild print pajama pants. When I came back in Evan saw I was wearing a hat (a word he knows) and got very excited.

He grabbed the hat and his breakfast and went outside to eat.  By the time I got out there to sit with him this is what I saw:

(For some reason this photo reminds me of The Godfather)

I swear he is the one who put the hat on his head.  All I did was tighten it so it would fit and then tuck away the long tab that was hitting him in the face.

I'm thinking he is either going to grow up to be an entertainer or be that annoying grown-up who goofs off at work and makes it difficult for other people to do their jobs.  I can't decide which one would be better.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Feature On My Blog

Notice the big white box to the right of this post?  The one with the black "submit" button right next to it?  It's this new cool feature (old feature but new to my blog) that I just added to my blog.  If you want to receive emails of my new posts (instead of having to check in every once in a while) you can put your email in the white box and hit the "submit" button.  You will need to verify your email address (you will receive an email in your inbox that will walk you through how to verify) and once that is done you will now receive all my posts right in your inbox.

In additional news, my computer has some weird Google virus on it so I can't respond to any comments (or post comments on any other blogs I follow... I keep trying to post all my droolings on my friend Shelley's blog at Franish Nonspeaker especially since she has a chocolate zucchini bread posted today and I pretty much love anything baked with zucchini).  I'll get it fixed at some point but I just wanted to explain why I may not be responding to comments when you leave one.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Chloe's 2 Month Checkup

So, Brian and I have fairytale children... and I don't meant they are perfect... I'm thinking more along the lines of the nursery rhyme Jack Sprat.

Evan is almost 2 years old but he is still wearing mostly 12 month shorts.  This is because he is tall and lean.  18 month old shorts fall right off of his waist.  For shorts it doesn't matter, but I don't know what we are going to do once the weather gets colder.  He can't wear 12 month pants... he will look like he is preparing for the flood.

And Chloe.. well, I'm afraid Chloe has more in common with her mother than our crinkly smiling eyes.  Here are Chloe's stats from her pediatrician's visit today:

Weight: 11.10 lbs (56.26%)
Height: 21.46 in (8.14%)
Head: 14.37 in (6.51%)

Her pediatrician isn't concerned at all.  As he said, "Well, I don't think you could play for the WNBA and I don't think Chloe will either."  Then the nurse stuck her legs 3 times, Chloe screamed, and the appointment was over,

Oh, and I almost forgot, Chloe rolled over.  The doctor was checking how Chloe held up her neck so he put her on her stomach, she arched her back (because she hates being on her stomach) and proceeded to roll right over.  Check that milestone off the list.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh My Gosh... Accident Free Weekend

Yup - you read correctly.  We had no accidents this weekend.  No one fell on their head, no one scraped their knees and bled everywhere... nothing.  Of course Evan did have a fever Friday and a hacking cough yesterday but he is better today (back to eating- he had a snack of Georgia peaches and farmer's market goat cheese... that boy has my palate).  And of course Brian caught Evan's cold (I just don't have time for that cold so it knows to stay away) and feels awful (he asked me to name a bench in Grant Park after him when he passes)... but still, no one got hurt.

We actually had a pretty low key weekend due to illnesses (which was nice compared to last weekend).  Yesterday we hung out at the house and then ran errands at Trader Joe's and Target.  In the afternoon we went to Ikea (and so did half of Atlanta apparently) to buy Monkey his own table and chairs (so we can stop eating meals outside in the 100% humidity).  After we went to the Grant Park Farmer's Market this morning and played at the park, Evan and I put together his table and chairs (seriously, he helped out... tools are kind of his thing).  And he ate his first meal at the table tonight:

I've actually been worried about him recently because he hasn't been eating that much and seems incredibly skinny to me (although my idea of the correct weight may be a little skewed) but he ate like a champion tonight.  He scarfed down 6 butternut squash ravioli (courtesy of the Farmer's Market), an entire boneless/skinless chicken thigh, and some bites of carrots (he isn't a fan of them cooked but I continue to try).

And of course my little habitual child has to have his placemat (or "mat" as he calls it) when he eats inside.

And in case you are wondering he is look at the TV.  Yes, we had the TV on while he is eating.  Please feel free to call child protective services on us.

We pushed the table right up against my buffet so he would be close to our dining table and hopefully connect his table to eating.  And it was at this point that I realized how much my life had changed.  My nice dining room buffet (which is now my buffet for all seasons since we don't have a "dining room") is flanked by a play kitchen on one side and a children's table and chairs on the other.

On a brighter note I feel the table and chairs are a little sterile on their own.  So, don't tell Brian, but I'm thinking I might let Evan do some painting... when I have some free time... like in 2014.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Little Miss Smiley

Despite all of her "medical" issues (the blocked tear duct, the distended belly, the reflux, the constipation - first suppository last night... sick of poop yet?) Chloe is a super smiley baby.  And her smiles come complete with a dimple (courtesy of Mommy thank you very much). 

So one day I whipped out my camera to try and share her smiles with you.  Of course, as an omen of things to come, she only half-complied with my wishes (remember, this child is all mine - sorry Brian).  Here is what I got:

In this one I think she is amused by all I was doing to get her to smile... I was pretty animated.

Uh-oh... look at the Irish eyes.  Sorry Chloe, looks like Mommy passed down to you Maga's eyes (I have them too).  This means that when we smile we almost close our eyes.  Take it from me, just don't laugh really hard and try to drive... it becomes difficult to see.

And here she is so just humoing me.  Her smile never even got to her eyes.

This one is my favorite... need I say more?

Little different from the last time we saw her faces huh?  Pretty soon she'll be walking, talking, baking her own muffins... sigh... they grow up way too fast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Did You Do for the Fourth?

The Castruccis had quite a day.  We started out by going to one of the few parks in Atlanta that actually has shade.  We let Monkey run around for a couple of hours (it's all about prepping for the afternoon nap) and Chloe had a chance to nap outside - one of her favorite things.  Once all of us were completely dehydrated we headed out for some lunch.  We decided to go to a restaurant that Evan goes to a lot with his sitter.  We all sat down (except for Chloe who was still asleep), Daddy and I in our chairs and Evan in his booster seat (he is growing up that little man, no more high chairs for him) and we ate.  I was commenting on how good Evan was behaving, he was singing a little song for everyone, and all was good.

Well... I guess he decided he was all done because all the sudden, he put his feet on the edge of the table, pushed back as hard as he could, the chair kept going backwards but Evan and the booster seat didn't.  He fell right off the chair and landed flat...on...his...face.  He started screaming immediately (which I later learned was a good sign) and Daddy whisked him out the door (along with tons of napkins to stop the flow of the blood from his nose).  I got our stuff together, grabbed Chloe, and quickly followed.  When I got outside Evan was still inconsolable, his nose was still bleeding, and a gigantic egg was beginning to take shape on his head... and I started to panic.  Head injuries scare me - apparently a lot.  I asked Brian what we should do, he said he wasn't sure, so I made a decision.  We headed off to the ER (one we have been to before when monkey was super dehydrated - on another holiday weekend - and he had lost his Monkey light).

Since I decided to focus on the worst case scenario and had visions of a concussion in my head, I wanted to sit in the back with Evan.  "In the back with Evan" means squeeze in between Chloe's car seat and Evan's car seat.  My mom had done this when she was here and even though she weighs like 1/2 of what I do I somehow thought I could squeeze in there... well, not so much.  So I basically drove to the ER while kneeling on the hump on the floor in the back seat to keep Evan awake (who was probably tired because it was close to his nap and he just had a traumatic experience).  By the time we got to the ER I wasn't sure I could walk... two men down... but my adrenaline propelled me in.

We checked in and sat down to wait in the front waiting room.  By this time Evan had calmed down and the egg on his head, while still big, was slowing getting smaller.  He apparently felt better and decided to run around the waiting room - specifically running out of the automatic doors (but not running back in, that was Daddy's job).  As we got called back to triage Chloe woke up and wanted to eat.  So, while Brian stayed with Evan through triage I went to the back waiting room to feed Chloe (there was nowhere private so I figured I was in a pediatric ER people could handle some boob).  While I was feeding Chloe all I could hear from the triage room was "momma... momma... momma", over and over again.  And then Brian and Monkey joined me in the back waiting room and Monkey wanted to play.

Turned out we had to wait 1.5 hours to see a doctor (right after us 6 really sick babies came in and I can't begrudge waiting that time period since my child was only hurt but still healthy and these babies were not).  When we finally got back to the room the egg on Evan's head had really gotten to the size of more like a big plump cherry... but I still needed a doctor to tell me everything was okay.  He basically saw the room as an opportunity to play and ran around like a maniac (an overtired and overstimulated Monkey is not a good thing).  Chloe decided to eat again (and the tech asked me if I wanted a blanket for privacy... where was she was Chloe was feeding a few hours before out in the open of the waiting room), I declined, and everything moved forward.

While the doctor was getting ready to examine Evan he decided to climb the bed/gurney.  Brian thought I was watching him and I though Brian was watching him (since I was tending to Chloe at the moment) and of course he fell off the bed/gurney and cut his gums.  I mean, are you kidding me?  In the ER my son hurt himself?  And of course, all everyone kept saying was, "Well... he is a boy" - does this mean that Chloe won't hurt herself like this because I'm totally okay with that. 

The doctor felt everything was okay but wanted to take an x-ray just in case.  While we were waiting for the results, Brian found my camera in the diaper bag and we decided to document this event:

Yeah - this kid ain't sick.

This was me trying to stop him from running around in the room and hurting himself... again.

So, if your child is bored in the ER (which he shouldn't be because he should be, you know, sick) then have them roll on the bed/gurney.  And, look under the sink... yup, there's Chloe.

See, she was fast asleep after she ate for the second time.

So, the outcome.... drum roll please... he hit his head and nose.  Yup, that was it.  But, I'm okay that I paid for that piece of mind.  If he does this again (and I've been assured by different sources that the likelihood is high) as long as he doesn't lose consciousness or have any of those other scary signs, I will take him home and put ice on it.  But for the first time around, the ER was the place to go.

Oh, and this morning... he has a small bruise on his head.  Seriously... that is it.  And, thank God that is it.