Thursday, July 28, 2011


No, I haven't disappeared we've just been hosting a lot of family recently which has left little time for blogging.  Not to mention that Evan started to get up at 5:50 AM every morning and Chloe is still feeding at night... just a little busy. 

But I wanted to touch base with you all and share this little conversation between Brian and I the other night.

Me:  I'm exhausted. 
Brian:  Why?
Me: Well, I get up throughout the night and now Evan has decided he has to get up before 6am... it's killing me.
Brian: Chloe is still waking you up a lot? (notice how the man who sleeps in the same room as Chloe and I has no idea how many times I get up at night)
Me: Yes, at least once but often twice a night. Evan was sleeping through the night at this point.
Brian: You know, some babies don't sleep through the night for a year.
Me: silence... just staring at him
Me: I tell you I'm exhausted from getting up during the night and your response is to tell me that I might be doing this for another 40 weeks?
Brian: Probably not the best thing to say... huh?

Just thought you might enjoy a short glimpse in to our life.

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  1. Hah! Sounds like Brian. Here's hoping little Chloe (and Evan) lets mama get her sleep soon!