Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pajama Sunday

This morning I was breastfeeding Chloe and of course this meant that Evan needed my attention, right then.  So he climbed up on the couch to get as close as possible.  Brian looked at the three of us and decided it was a perfect moment for family photos. 

Now let's discuss the photos:

So thankfully he waited to take the pictures until after I was finished breastfeeding.  I mean just because the air conditioniny guys have seen my boobs doesn't mean that you have to. (Check out the fear - or possibly annoyance - on Chloe's face).

Brian decided that while my hair looked okay from the side view that the pictures should really be about Chloe and Evan in their jammie jams.  Oh yeah... and my giant upper arm.

Fabulous smile on Evan... cute look on Chloe's face... and hello cleavage!  There are some definite bonuses to breasfeeding.

Yowsers, from the front my bed head is really spooky.  You ladies with straight hair... this is what I think about when you tell me you would kill for my curly hair and then you wake up, brush your hair, and leave the house.

And yes, those are my pajamas.  The pants are actually certified pajamas.  The shirt has become pajamas out of necessity.  You see, I need to wear something to bed in which I can breastfeed and I'm just not paying for a breastfeeding pajama top.  And yes, I wear that shirt during the day as well... once it's washed.

And of course Evan became fascinated by the camera (read machinery with buttons) so he wanted to play with it.  The only way Brian could distract him was to take pictures of him on his own:

After this "calm" we then had a crazy Sunday.  We went to the Farmer's Market and then the mall (where Monkey ran around like a maniac).  Evan then pretended to nap for a little over and hour after which Brian and Evan went to the pool (I stayed home to be glamorous and do things like make the bed for my sister who is going to visit this week, clean the bathrooms, do some laundry, etc), we had dinner (thank you Farmer's Market) and then the boy went to bed 10 minutes early (because Mommy needed him to). 

Sometimes I need a break from my weekends.  And, tomorrow I'll be getting one.  My friend Robin is coming to town so I get a babysitter and we are doing girly things (specifically getting mani/pedis and then eating beef - she's from Texas so that is pretty girly).

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  1. Evan is such a little ham. What a cutie! And that's a myth about girls with strait hair being able to comb and go- we get bed head, too. No way am I leaving the house with out washing my hair. Have fun with Robin!