Friday, July 8, 2011

Little Miss Smiley

Despite all of her "medical" issues (the blocked tear duct, the distended belly, the reflux, the constipation - first suppository last night... sick of poop yet?) Chloe is a super smiley baby.  And her smiles come complete with a dimple (courtesy of Mommy thank you very much). 

So one day I whipped out my camera to try and share her smiles with you.  Of course, as an omen of things to come, she only half-complied with my wishes (remember, this child is all mine - sorry Brian).  Here is what I got:

In this one I think she is amused by all I was doing to get her to smile... I was pretty animated.

Uh-oh... look at the Irish eyes.  Sorry Chloe, looks like Mommy passed down to you Maga's eyes (I have them too).  This means that when we smile we almost close our eyes.  Take it from me, just don't laugh really hard and try to drive... it becomes difficult to see.

And here she is so just humoing me.  Her smile never even got to her eyes.

This one is my favorite... need I say more?

Little different from the last time we saw her faces huh?  Pretty soon she'll be walking, talking, baking her own muffins... sigh... they grow up way too fast.

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