Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Many Faces of Chloe

I would like to share with you my daughter (And as an aside... she is totally my daughter.  I mean if someone showed up at my door tomorrow and said that Evan was switched at birth I wouldn't even blink.  But, if someone said that Chloe was switched I wouldn't believe it... not even a little bit).

The "I'm not getting up no matter how hard you try" face

The "Leave me the heck alone" face

The "I don't really like you or what you are doing right now" face

The "You know I'm just humoring you until I can find a way out" face

The "I'll escape at my first chance" face

The "This man is not so bright" face

The "I'm happiest when left alone" face

And just to make my life interesting... here is one of Evan's most common faces:

The "Life is pure joy" face

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