Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Week Later

Chloe Marie Castrucci
May 5, 2011
7lbs 12 oz
19.5 inches long

Chloe is one week old today. 

We started here:

(sorry for the graphic nature but it's the truth)

And here we are now:

As usual (see my blog posts about Evan's birth), we had some minor complications at the hospital.  While Chloe has been a champion breastfeeder from the very beginning, she did lose more than 10% of her birth weight in the hospital (she got down to 6lbs 15.1oz).  This is the magic number and we started a crazy feeding routine and supplemented with formula.  Thankfully it all worked out.  She went to her pediatrician yesterday and is back up to 7lbs 6oz.  The discharge pediatrician also thought that Chloe had a minor case of jaundice (and she must have some serious diagnostic skills because no one else saw it).  Nothing ever came of that.

The only thing of concern, and by "concern" I mean something that is really no big deal at the moment but will have to be followed, is that they found a grade 2 heard murmur.  She was diagnosed with a mild pulmonary stenosis.  The pediatric cardiologist did a fabulous job of explaining all of this to us.  At the moment it just means she will need to followed by a pediatric cardiologist monthly for the first year of her life since this is the time where significant change can occur if it will, and then periodically after that.  At the stage it is right now it won't interfere with her life at all.  I made our first appointment for June and was informed that the appointment could last up to 2 & 1/2 hours.  Yeah, this is something I'll really be looking forward to.

At the moment Brian's parents are in town helping us with Chloe and Evan while I recover from my c-section.  They leave next weekend and then we will have a nanny come and help for about 6 weeks.  Even though I feel this surgery went more smoothly and my recovery is much faster, I appreciate any and all help.

So, here is the lowdown of week one:
  • Chloe has surpassed her brother with her breastfeeding mastery.  I'm, however, still working on it.
  • Much like her brother she doesn't see the need to wake up to feed so my job is to remind her how important nutrition is.
  • She is a very quiet baby unless someone is doing something she doesn't like.  Then, as soon as that aspect stops, she is done crying. 
  • She has a very good set of lungs.
  • She has confused her nights and days.  This is probably the most annoying part of her first week so far but once we figured that out, we are working with her to turn it around and I'm sleeping more during the day.
  • So far her brother doesn't seem to mind her.  Evan gives her kisses when she is sleeping in her lambie chair.
  • Evan also steals her pacifiers and sometimes hits her while he is trying to "pat" her hair... "accidentally" hits her.
  • Surprisingly to me, the most difficult part of this whole first week is that I can't "parent" Evan the way I'm used to.  As in, the other night he woke up upset from a bad dream and I had to wake up Brian to come in with me because I can't pick up Evan or even hold him to soothe him.  This is way more my issue than it is Evan's but the feeling hasn't gone away yet.
And how is Evan handling all of this?  You tell me:

(Evan, in only his diaper, playing in his kitchen - a Christmas present that Grandpa Rocereto just put together for him)

(Evan in his backyard pool that mommy bought him just before the arrival of Chloe)

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  1. Chloe sounds like a sweetie! And I'm glad to hear Evan's taking things in stride. Love that you're modeling the importance of cooking this young. Perhaps he'll take over the annual Castrucci Sauce Party in the future?