Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NaBloPoMo... Huh?

So I'm taking the plunge and committing myself to entertaining you with a few chosen words every day the month of November.  Since this month includes holidays and travel... we will see how well this goes.  Should be interesting to see what I come up with.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If You Lived Here

Then you would have just enjoyed a show from the Castrucci Dance Troupe:

I'm sure if you decide to visit that you'll be able to ask for a repeat performance.  And don't worry, that table isn't destined to break for at least another couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney: Of Course There's a Story

We are back from Disney World and life seems almost back to normal (just in time for Brian and I to leave for Boston for my friend's wedding).  We had a wonderful time and while I think the kids were probably still just a tad too young for a lot of the parks, they still really enjoyed themselves and loved spending time with their grandparents.

Here is what we did and some visuals.


  • We arrived mid-afternoon, unpacked, and settled in.
  • We decided to go to Downtown Disney to run off some energy of the kids.  This was the sun setting over the water and Evan being shy (for once in his life):


  • Magic Kingdom
  • Riding the tram in with Grandma and Daddy:

  • We went on a bunch of rides (both Evan and Chloe).  This was after riding Dumbo with Mommy and Daddy and then with Papa and Grandma: 

  • And then Chloe had all she could stand: 

  • We went to Sea World (mostly for Brian since he is obsessed with sea creatures) and Evan had a chance to feed the dolphins:

  • Evan with a random bird...

  • Brian went to Atlanta for the day for work.
  • We spent the morning running errands (and of course Evan found some bongo drums during one of those errands and his grandparents indulged him):

  • And the afternoon at the pool
  • Brian came home and he and I were going to go out to dinner and a movie.  Instead I got hit with some intestinal / stomach virus and ended up in the Emergency Room getting re-hydrated and filled up with anti-everything medicine.  Good times.

  • Papa and Grandma took the kids to Animal Kingdom while I slept/recovered and Brian stuck around to make sure I was okay.
  • Thursday night we went to Mickey's Not-So-Spooky Halloween.  All the adults and Evan were super heroes (costumes courtesy of Papa and Grandma).  Chloe went as a fairy (she wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a full picture.
  • The parade and fireworks were awesome!

  • Papa and I took the kids to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Chloe fell asleep almost immediately when we got there so Evan and I saw The Little Mermaid and then we went to try and see Buzz Lightyear but the Fastpass return was between 7-8pm and the wait time was 60 minutes.  So we decided to do it next time.
  • Instead we walked over to the Star Wars area (stopping at the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground) bought paraphernalia for Brian (who was in Boston for work) and then walked over to Beauty and the Beast.
  • Chloe woke up and Evan fell asleep. 

  • Before we left we had a chance to catch the parade.  This was Evan's favorite parade because Buzz Lightyear was in the parade.  And I was able to catch some of Chloe's reactions to the parades (just to show you that a 17-month old was able to truly get into Walt Disney World). 

  • Home.  And since Brian had to leave Disney for Boston on Friday his mom was kind enough to fly home with me and 2 exhausted and over-stimulated children.  I appreciate it and so do all the passengers of that flight.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Artist-e

Artist: Mr. Monkey Pants (the artist formerly known as Evan Brian)
Medium: White paper & Crayola paint markers (washable)
Muse: The great outdoors
Critique: I see a misunderstood artist who will always struggle with his vision and will only be appreciated posthumously
If I understood that whole twitter thing (I like how Kathy Griffin refers to them as "twats" because I'm with her and I just don't get it) I'm sure I'd tag this #proudmama.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Unrelated Items

Item #1 - It Happened Again

Seriously, you would think I'd learn.  That somehow after each situation I would be better prepared for the next time.  But it isn't true.  For some things I just remain completely clueless and it bites me in the butt each time.

For instance, on Saturday afternoon we all traipsed to downtown Rockville for the opening of Dawson's Market.  It's this new grocery store that has been hyped for some time.  It's supposed to be this local market (local = within 100 miles) that offers natural and organic products.  The way they hyped it I was envisioning the market as what would happen if Trader Joe's and Whole Foods has a baby but with clientele that would never be caught dead at Whole Foods.  Sadly, it was basically just another Whole Foods.  I was underwhelmed but I'm going to try and withhold final judgment until I stop in a few times in the coming weeks once the "grand opening" hoo-haw settles down.

Anyway, on to the point of this item.  After the market we decided to walk around for a little bit (read: walk around to make the children tired for an easy and early bedtime) and of course... what do we come across:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the freakin' fountain.  Chloe, clearly remembering how cold she got, decided she wanted to play in it but only by putting her hands in the water.  Instead she spent most of her time throwing away trash and picking flowers:

The boy... well, take a look at this:

He got soaking wet to the point where we had to leave, I stripped him down (no extra clothes this time), and had to wrap him in the cardigan I was wearing.  And then he declared that he had a blast.  I declared I'm not going downtown again until I receive notice that the fountain has been shut down for good.

Item #2: Medication is Important

Give me a minute for a Public Service Announcement.  If you are diagnosed with a life-long condition and you are given medication to counteract this condition then you should take the medication.  When we moved to MD I was focused on getting a pediatrician, unpacking, figuring out our insurance, blah blah blah and then it had been 4 months since I'd taken my thyroid medicine.  And, I was feeling it. 

In case you aren't thyroid savvy, here are some side effects of hypothyroidism:
  • Weight gain (check)
  • Fatigue (check)
  • Hair Loss/Thinning (check)
  • Dry Skin (check)
  • Muscle Fatigue (check)
  • Depression/Altered Moods (check)
  • Cognitive Disabilities (hmm... ask Brian on this one but quite possibly a check)
So, I found a doctor, she did a blood test, called me with the news that I basically have zero thyroid hormone in my system, and I'm back on my meds. 

Item #3: Disney

Brian's parents are sponsoring a trip for us to Disney so we will be meeting up with them in Orlando next week.  I tell you this so that:
  1. You know where I've gone when there are no blogs,
  2. You can sit around and daydream about all the fabulous blog posts I'll write about Disney (which will probably only be 1 or 2 because let's be honest, I'm never good at writing about a vacation even though I always mean to), and
  3. You'll be supremely jealous that I'll be in Disney and you'll be at work... or at the grocery store... or somewhere that isn't Disney.
Item #4: Cuteness

Here are some pictures I keep meaning to share with you all but haven't:

The Artist At Work (look at that concentration)

This is both Madam Mischief at work and a girl who is not willing to share her things

Chloe is WAY in to the trucks in a way her brother has not been as of yet.  But, I bet if you put strings on that dump truck he'd be all over it and play it like a harp.

I just love the light in this photo.  And this is pretty much how Evan looks at home all the time.  He is usually wearing a shirt or shorts... but rarely both.

I randomly snapped this photo this morning as Chloe was standing next to my unmade bed, wearing the apron I make Evan wear when he paints, sucking on her pacifier, trying to reach a cat who wanted nothing to do with her.  And, according to Brian, this captures Chloe's essence (I totally agree).  She is sweetness and fun and mischief and an old soul all wrapped in a bundle of Chloe.