Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney: Of Course There's a Story

We are back from Disney World and life seems almost back to normal (just in time for Brian and I to leave for Boston for my friend's wedding).  We had a wonderful time and while I think the kids were probably still just a tad too young for a lot of the parks, they still really enjoyed themselves and loved spending time with their grandparents.

Here is what we did and some visuals.


  • We arrived mid-afternoon, unpacked, and settled in.
  • We decided to go to Downtown Disney to run off some energy of the kids.  This was the sun setting over the water and Evan being shy (for once in his life):


  • Magic Kingdom
  • Riding the tram in with Grandma and Daddy:

  • We went on a bunch of rides (both Evan and Chloe).  This was after riding Dumbo with Mommy and Daddy and then with Papa and Grandma: 

  • And then Chloe had all she could stand: 

  • We went to Sea World (mostly for Brian since he is obsessed with sea creatures) and Evan had a chance to feed the dolphins:

  • Evan with a random bird...

  • Brian went to Atlanta for the day for work.
  • We spent the morning running errands (and of course Evan found some bongo drums during one of those errands and his grandparents indulged him):

  • And the afternoon at the pool
  • Brian came home and he and I were going to go out to dinner and a movie.  Instead I got hit with some intestinal / stomach virus and ended up in the Emergency Room getting re-hydrated and filled up with anti-everything medicine.  Good times.

  • Papa and Grandma took the kids to Animal Kingdom while I slept/recovered and Brian stuck around to make sure I was okay.
  • Thursday night we went to Mickey's Not-So-Spooky Halloween.  All the adults and Evan were super heroes (costumes courtesy of Papa and Grandma).  Chloe went as a fairy (she wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a full picture.
  • The parade and fireworks were awesome!

  • Papa and I took the kids to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Chloe fell asleep almost immediately when we got there so Evan and I saw The Little Mermaid and then we went to try and see Buzz Lightyear but the Fastpass return was between 7-8pm and the wait time was 60 minutes.  So we decided to do it next time.
  • Instead we walked over to the Star Wars area (stopping at the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground) bought paraphernalia for Brian (who was in Boston for work) and then walked over to Beauty and the Beast.
  • Chloe woke up and Evan fell asleep. 

  • Before we left we had a chance to catch the parade.  This was Evan's favorite parade because Buzz Lightyear was in the parade.  And I was able to catch some of Chloe's reactions to the parades (just to show you that a 17-month old was able to truly get into Walt Disney World). 

  • Home.  And since Brian had to leave Disney for Boston on Friday his mom was kind enough to fly home with me and 2 exhausted and over-stimulated children.  I appreciate it and so do all the passengers of that flight.

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