Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aunt Amy Comes to Visit

(As narrated by Evan Brian)

Aunt Amy came to visit this week. She said she came down to help Mommy, but I know she came down to see how incredibly adorable I am. They all succumb to my good looks and charm.

Aunt Amy sounds a lot like Mommy... but only if Mommy took speed. I'm not sure I understood a word she said but I liked listening to her! People also say she looks like Mommy but I can tell the difference. Mommy is the one that smells like milk.

We did a lot of fun things while Aunt Amy was here. Aunt Amy and I went for a long walk while Mommy was getting an ultrasound (for an alleged abcess around her breast infection - there was nothing). We sang lots of silly songs together and we played on my play mat.

Here are some pictures of her visit:

Aunt Amy did a good job at changing my diaper and changing my clothes (I think we had to change my clothes this time because I peed all over myself - come on, I'm only 6 weeks old and it's a lot of fun).

I bet Aunt Amy has children of her own.

Aunt Amy gave me a bath in the big bath tub (comparable to my size). And look - no hammock. I was able to sit directly in the tub.

I love bath time. It reminds me of mommy's womb with all that fluid.

Aunt Amy was super comfy to take a nap on. How could I resist? I'd just had a big meal, my diaper was clean, and she was warm and willing.

But the most exciting part about Aunt Amy's visit is that I tried to sleep in my crib (instead of the bassinet, or swing, or vibrating seat). Aunt Amy was able to convince Mommy to let me try out my bedroom all by myself. I didn't like it so much the first few times, but I've been napping in there since yesterday.

It's kind of cool how Mommy can watch me sleep. Thankfully she has moved me down in the crib so I'm no longer a headless baby.

Aunt Amy left yesterday to go back to her own family. I'm sure glad she was able to visit. Maybe the next time she comes I'll be imnunized and swine flu will be gone so Mommy and Daddy will let me go out to fun places and we can all go together.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Favorite Thing... So Far

My baby sleeps... I mean he REALLY sleeps. In fact, he sleeps so much that from the beginning I have had to wake him up to feed him. I know, this goes against the fundamental belief to not wake a sleeping baby, but to make sure he gets the nutrients he needs and doesn't go into some insulin shock or something, I have to wake him.

This has quickly turned into one of my favorite things. No, I'm not sadistic, but I am truly entertained by the faces Evan makes as he leaves his cocoon of sleep to feed.

I mean, look at this face. Here he is, just placed on his make-shift changing table and starting to stretch.

For some reason he LOVES to pucker his lips. I'm not sure if this is something I do a lot and he is mimicking. But he is damn cute!

And it continues. He has to stretch on both sides you know.

And we are still stretching but starting to become aware of the fact that waking up might not be all it's cracked up to be (and now Evan knows how Mommy feels at 3:00 in the morning with a crying baby).

And here it comes, cranky face. This is the face I get to let me know that Mr. Monkey Pants is NOT happy about waking up.

But just as quickly as it comes, it passes. And acceptance leads to peace. Right after this he opens his eyes, but that part isn't as cute as the stretching.

Hey - where did that snot go?