Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Family Weekend

So, Friday afternoon, when the babysitter left, it was only Brian, Evan, Chloe, and myself.  And while I had some trepidation about how we were going to handle things and if my incision was going to play a role in all of this, we did pretty okay. 

On Friday Brian took over watching Chloe so I could spend some quality time with Evan.  He and I just played together.  And then he went to sleep and Chloe decided it was time to wake up.  And she was pretty much up for most of the night. 

On Saturday Brian was kind enough to take Evan out to breakfast so I could have a few hours of sleep (since Chloe decided to go back to sleep in the morning).  Then we decided to try our first family outing.  Piedmont Park, a gorgeous urban park where Evan and I often go for the playground and ducks, had just opened an interactive fountain.  It was a gorgeous day and Evan had an abundance of energy so it sounded perfect.  We packed up the diaper bag for the two kids and took off to the park.

When we got there, Brian and Evan went in to the fountains (Evan is the little man in the orange muscle shirt and Brian is the big man in the green muscle shirt):

And what was Chloe doing while Evan was having all this fun?

Enjoying being outside while Mommy obsessively made sure not one beam of sun touched her skin.

After the water park we stopped for something to eat and then Evan and Chloe slept most of the day away.  Evan and I again had a chance to bond over dinner while Brian watched Chloe.  Saturday night Chloe decided to sleep more than the night before but still was up more than I would have liked.

This morning (Sunday) Brian again took Evan out so I could have a little more sleep.  We then decided that since it was super hot out we would head off to Hippo Hop (an indoor blow-up playground). 

Brian (who you can't see in the photos but he was playing) and Evan had a blast playing:

And what was Chloe doing?

And Mommy spent the morning making sure that no little unwashed hands touched, or even got near, my as-of-yet-not-immunized little girl. 

This afternoon, after only a 30 minute nap, Evan was still ready to go so Brian took him back to the interactive fountains while I spent the afternoon with an awake Chloe (yay, maybe this means she will sleep at night - let's not hold our breath), did some laundry, and cleaned out the fridge.

And now Brian and I are completely exhausted.  This newborn and active toddler thing is not so easy... but we survived and the nanny starts tomorrow so I can get back to the business of healing and Brian can get back to the business of saving the children of Georgia.

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  1. Congratulations Ellen,
    You will survive! My first two children were 16 months apart and in all honesty it wasn't until Nathaniel was four months old ( Ashling made him smile) that I finally took a deep breath ( I had no idea I had been holding in so long) and thought this may work out and we may all survive. Two little ones is a lot of work but you have so much to look forward to. Their friendship for one will we wonderful to behold as they get older. Hang in there :) And again congratulations to you and Brian and Evan :)