Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh My Gosh... Accident Free Weekend

Yup - you read correctly.  We had no accidents this weekend.  No one fell on their head, no one scraped their knees and bled everywhere... nothing.  Of course Evan did have a fever Friday and a hacking cough yesterday but he is better today (back to eating- he had a snack of Georgia peaches and farmer's market goat cheese... that boy has my palate).  And of course Brian caught Evan's cold (I just don't have time for that cold so it knows to stay away) and feels awful (he asked me to name a bench in Grant Park after him when he passes)... but still, no one got hurt.

We actually had a pretty low key weekend due to illnesses (which was nice compared to last weekend).  Yesterday we hung out at the house and then ran errands at Trader Joe's and Target.  In the afternoon we went to Ikea (and so did half of Atlanta apparently) to buy Monkey his own table and chairs (so we can stop eating meals outside in the 100% humidity).  After we went to the Grant Park Farmer's Market this morning and played at the park, Evan and I put together his table and chairs (seriously, he helped out... tools are kind of his thing).  And he ate his first meal at the table tonight:

I've actually been worried about him recently because he hasn't been eating that much and seems incredibly skinny to me (although my idea of the correct weight may be a little skewed) but he ate like a champion tonight.  He scarfed down 6 butternut squash ravioli (courtesy of the Farmer's Market), an entire boneless/skinless chicken thigh, and some bites of carrots (he isn't a fan of them cooked but I continue to try).

And of course my little habitual child has to have his placemat (or "mat" as he calls it) when he eats inside.

And in case you are wondering he is look at the TV.  Yes, we had the TV on while he is eating.  Please feel free to call child protective services on us.

We pushed the table right up against my buffet so he would be close to our dining table and hopefully connect his table to eating.  And it was at this point that I realized how much my life had changed.  My nice dining room buffet (which is now my buffet for all seasons since we don't have a "dining room") is flanked by a play kitchen on one side and a children's table and chairs on the other.

On a brighter note I feel the table and chairs are a little sterile on their own.  So, don't tell Brian, but I'm thinking I might let Evan do some painting... when I have some free time... like in 2014.

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