Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aunt Amy Visits Atlanta (say that ten times fast)

On Monday my sister came down for a visit while her kids are at camp.  She just came to hang out and that is what we did.  On Monday we chilled in the apartment.  On Tuesday we went to the mall (where Aunt Amy bought super cute Monkey clothes for Evan's birthday... and you will just have to wait until his birthday to see the really cute onesie Aunt Amy bought), I took her to Sublime Donuts and introduced her to the strawberry shortcake donut (drooling), and then home.  On Wednesday Amy had a chance to bond with Monkey while I went to the OB/GYN to discuss my uterus and other female parts (all things going well... I'll update in a blog about that later and give fair warning to those who just don't want to hear about that).  Then I took her to Morelli's (awesome ice cream) where she partook in the salted caramel goodness and finally she babysat Monkey while Brian and I went out to dinner at the Woodfire Grill.

"What is the Woodfire Grill?" you ask.  Well... it is a little bit of heaven in 4 walls.  It is a restaurant owned and operated by Chef Kevin Gillespie.  Kevin is a local well known chef who was on Bravo's Top Chef last season (and made it to the top 3 against 2 brothers - one of whom won... sorry if that was a spoiler to anyone).  And Kevin (because we are on a first name basis) is amazing.  Brian and I had the 7 course tasting menu (I'm amazed at my husband's choice to do a blind tasting menu and I love him all the more for it) and it may have been the best food I've ever had.  Yes, even better than the guanciale ravioli at Mario Batali's restaurant in Las Vegas. 

Here was our tasting menu:

And yes, both Brian and I ate EVERYTHING on our plates.  It was incredible.

What?  You want to know what is in the upper right hand corner of the menu?  Well, while I was in the bathroom Brian had a conversation with the manager to let him know how much we loved the food and the various places we've encountered Kevin (at the Food Show in Atlanta, we ate his ice cream creation at Morelli's), and Brian felt he got jobbed on Top Chef).  So, when I came back from the bathroom the manager showed up at our table with the tasting menu printed out (which they don't normally do) AND...
... Kevin Gillespie's signature.  I plan on framing this menu and hanging it in my new kitchen... when it gets built... in 2012 (just kidding... I probably need to blog an update on that too - so much to do). 

Aunt Amy left this morning.  I love when people come in for whirlwind visits... it gives them time to see Evan and it gives Evan time to see them. 

I think Evan had a good time with his Aunt:

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