Monday, August 17, 2009

Conception: Round 3

On Friday, we found out that Evan Brian is a ginormous baby and will be evicted in August 25. So, I’m going to hurry up and get us caught up to the future.

Disclaimer: If you are of the male persuasion and/or a female squeamish about bodily functions, parts of today’s post might be too much for you. Consider yourself warned.

So, it was back to trying. In the morning I took my synthroid, waited 30 minutes to eat breakfast, and peed on a stick looking for the smiley face. After dinner I took my Metformin and my pre-natal vitamin. I was sufficiently drugged up to conceive.

Our first month of trying was October. It passed and my period came. Our second month was November. Just because God has to get his giggles somewhere (and often my life seems like a likely place) my period was due around Thanksgiving. And, of course, it came. My in-laws were visiting and while I had a mini-meltdown upstairs they were oblivious downstairs (well not oblivious, I’m sure they knew something was wrong but not the specifics). I was just getting tired of continuing to drug myself up with no outcome.

Now it was December. And, as you might have surmised, since I got my period over Thanksgiving in November, it was due over Christmas in December. We were up in New Jersey, visiting my family and I was still taking my pharmacy and abstaining from caffeine and alcohol. We went to my Aunt Susan’s for Christmas Eve dinner, as we do every other year, and at some point during the dinner, I went to the bathroom and saw blood in my underwear. Assuming I had gotten my period… again… I was just done. This had been going on for too long for me (over a year) and I was tired. I told Brian what had happened and we left the dinner. On our way back to my parent’s house, while I was crying in the car, Bubs stopped at a Walgreens and went in and bought me tampons (that is a man secure in himself).

The next day, Christmas, I noticed my period was very light but thought nothing of it. I had coffee with the Christmas strata (sweet wonderful coffee) and then 2 glasses of wine with Christmas dinner (aah…wine, how I miss thee). After dinner, I dutifully went to change my tampon and there was nothing. I mean, it was completely clean. Apparently, my light period has lasted 24 hours… that just didn’t seem possible. I told Brian and we were both completely confused. We were going back to Texas soon so we both decided to wait and see what happened.

And I was able to wait pretty much until right after we landed before I visited my trusty medical consultant – I googled my symptoms a few different ways and came to the same answer over and over again… implantation bleeding. This meant that it was possible I was pregnant and I told Brian.

Due to our past experience both of us were skeptical. We decided to wait until after New Year’s to take the test which would also mean I would be more than 1 week late. And we actually made it as far as we said we would and then I took the test. It was a VERY long 5 minutes. We left the test in the bathroom and pretended to give ourselves something else to do. At the end of 5 minutes we walked back in together and saw the words “Pregnant.” All we knew was that one test said I was pregnant… been there, done that.

I took another test a few hours later… still “Pregnant.” I took one the next day and then the next day – all said “Pregnant.” While we weren’t convinced I was definitely pregnant, we were convinced it was time to call the OB. We scheduled an appointment on the next Friday and I took 2 more tests in the meantime, just to be sure.

At this point, we didn’t know what to feel so we just waited.

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  1. Tell Brian I'm not impressed over tampons. I sent my husband to a 24hr grocery store for laxative suppositories once!