Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Disclaimers for Today's Post

I thought of 2 things to clarify about today's post before moving on...

1. Some of you may be thinking that if I just lost weight my body image would be better. Just as an FYI - body image is more than how much you weigh. Thanks for the ass-vice (read on), I'm working on it.

2. Mom, it is not your fault that I don't always have a fabulous body image. The sum of me is more than just your influence. Don't add this to your mom-guilt.


  1. Despite my technology impaired skills, I needed to sign on to leave a comment.

    I, proudly, am the mother of Ellen and just wanted to publicly (instead of all those e-mails to her) say how wonderful I think this is (of course, I AM her mother. This is great, Ellen - loving every post.

  2. Love this post. Every skinny person thinks that would solve all of our problems and really don't believe it when we tell them we are ok with ourselves...weird, isn't it? And sad, too, when you think how they live in fear of fat.