Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photos from Cancun

Wow - you all really like me... well at least my last post.  There was a lot of love given to me about how funny my letters were. Well... I have 2 confessions to make:

  1. The idea of letters to tell a funny story isn't my own.  I know, it's a shocker, but I'm ever truthful. I'm sure, in some way, I was influenced by Letters from a Nut.  A hilarious book believed to be written by Jerry Seinfeld (and I think I received it from Sarae in college - thanks Sarae!).  However, showing only one side of the correspondence is all my own.

  2. I'm really not that funny... my life is.  I swear it's all true.
So, I don't really know how to follow-up from yesterday.  I've decided to let Mr. Monkey Pants do it for me - through photos.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure (and sadly I only have a few because in typical Ellen fashion I did a poor job of documenting our trip in Cancun... apparently I was off enjoying it too much):

Here is Mr. Monkey Pants in his swim shirt that is too tight (notice the way it hugs his adorable baby rolls - well done mom) and a hat that he wants nothing to do with.  Oh yeah, and Maga is in the picture too, but we all know who the star is.  But most importantly, why does my son look like he is pointing "pistol fingers" at his grandmother?  Boys will be boys... (god I hate that saying)

And here is Mr. Monkey Pants with his cousins - also known to Monkey as the Court Jester, Princess Entertain-Me, and Princess Sing-Me-a-Song-Because-I'm-Bored.  What - you only see 2 cousins in this picture?  Oh, right, that's because I'm an awful person to have document anything and I only got this picture of him with the cousins.  But don't worry - here is the missing one:

And I won't be winning any awards for photography.  But seriously, Mr. Monkey LOVED spending time with his minions... I mean cousins.  And they adored him as well.  Aaah, youth.

Here are Monkey and Daddy in the ocean.  He didn't like it and he didn't hate it.  Actually, if I was a better photographer and you could see his face, you would see that it looks a lot like it did when he was with Santa.  This was Monday... just minutes before the ocean took away Brian's glasses (see, he still has them on).

Okay - a lot going on in this photo.  Let's start with Daddy... no glasses.  As you will recall this is how he spent most of his vacation.  Next, we have Mr. Monkey Pants who, while you can't tell in this photo because it isn't close enough, pretty much decided he did NOT like the pool.  I think it was a combo of tight swim clothing (again, well done mom), cold water (who thought of bringing him in to the ONLY unheated pool - I'm blaming Daddy), and exhaustion... we did this on day one - he probably needed some time.  And finally, yes, that is me in a bathing suit.  Go ahead, look at it with all the adoration you want - I know I cut a fine figure in my skirted suit (easier to hide the tattoo... but my nieces and nephew saw it anyway... oh yeah, and hide the cellulite).  Now, stick your tongue back in and wipe off that drool as we go to the next photo.

And now to answer the final question...

How did Mr. Monkey Pants like Cancun?

'Nuff said...

(My apologies to Grandpa, Uncle Ian, and Aunt Amy who were in Cancun and did enjoy Mr. Monkey Pants but don't have photos.  I don't know what I was doing the whole time but it apparently wasn't taking photos - probably drinking Strawberry Daiquiris.)

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