Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Official

After telling me I’m crazy and seeing things… Mr. Monkey Pants finally opened his mouth for Daddy last night and made Daddy eat his words. There, on the bottom of his mouth, Daddy saw that Mr. Monkey Pants has not one but TWO teeth coming in… aaah, my son, the overachiever. And then Daddy did lots of apologizing for calling me crazy. And promptly called me crazy about something else 10 minutes later (I’m still waiting on the apology for that one).

We tried to get a picture to share with you all but it started to seem a little crazy that we were poking and prodding a completely content baby while he sat in his high chair (especially since I’ve spent a lot of time making the high chair a happy place because we weren’t so sure about it when it was first introduced weeks ago). I can’t even share with you the few photos we took because you can’t see anything . Well, that isn’t entirely true – in one of them you can see Brian’s thumb.

But all is not lost, I do have photos to share with you about something completely different.

When we were in Cancun, Evan mostly went barefoot in an onesie (and on one super hot day he let it all hang out in just his diaper). Since the last time he was barefoot he was about 2 months old, I think he saw his feet for the “first” time and he fell madly in love with them. He would play with them, try to put them in his mouth, and eventually play with anyone else’s foot that was within his reach.

Then we came back to Atlanta, back to snow, back to 30 degree weather, and back to feetsie pajamas, socks, and shoes. Well, here is what my son thought of that:

(You can't have them... those are my piggy toes - I mean Evan's piggy toes)

This is the look of joy AFTER he disposed of the socks and shoes.

I give up, the boy knows what he likes.

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