Friday, February 5, 2010

Going Away

So, I was going to do this post about all the cute things Evan has - mostly what people have made us (because we have some seriously crafty people in our lives) but then something happened.  So, as you all know, the Northeast is getting hit with some gigantic snowstorm (actually, mostly the Mid-Atlantic but no one ever refers to them as such).  Anyway, Brian was supposed to have a meeting in DC on Monday and then on Tuesday we were going to fly down to Cancun to join my family for a vacation.  It turns out that his meeting is cancelled (some nonsense about 18 inches of snow being too much... blah blah blah) so lucky us, we changed our flights and we leave Sunday.

Because of this, I have some things to get done - mostly packing.  And there is a lot of packing.  Evan is smaller than a suitcase but he will need one of his own.  Here are just a few things I have to pack:
  1. Regular diapers
  2. Swimming diapers
  3. Wipes
  4. Butt Paste
  5. His special lotion and soap (cetaphil)
  6. Swim trunks
  7. Swim shirts
  8. Baby approved suntan lotion
  9. Raft with a hood
  10. Regular clothes (onesies, pants, mom said it was chilly so something for that)
  11. Dry Formula (damn not breastfeeding, it makes life MUCH more difficult)
  12. Wet formula for the plane rides
  13. Bottles
  14. Bottle cleaners (because of course Evan has "special" bottles which have "special" cleaners)
  15. Sleepers
  16. Blanket
  17. Pacifiers (because he still uses them to sleep and to teeth)
  18. Sleeping blanket
  19. Play blankets (thin little things just so I know he is putting something semi-clean in his mouth)
  20. Some things to entertain him (just a few because mostly he will have Mommy & Daddy, Maga and Grandpa, Aunt Amy, Uncle Ian, and cousins)
And yes, I did just write this list for me to follow more than for you to read... but I'm sure you enjoyed it too.  So I won't be posting for a while, but stay in touch because I'll come back with some photos... and I'm sure they will be cute because... duh... Evan will be in them.

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