Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Too Darn Cute

I know, you are expecting a post about last the Sunday portion of "The Castrucci Weekend" but I promise you what I'm about to offer you is worth the deviation.

Monkey and I just made our daily trek to the mailbox (I know, contain your excitement).  It's a little chilly here in the ATL, but I didn't want to bundle him up for just a quick walk (you know, because he is already wearing his feetsie pajamas and he would be held by me... a human blanket) so I decided that all I needed to do was put on a hat for him.

So the question became - which hat?  Monkey has an obscene amount of hats - some because my mom is obsessed with keeping him warm and some because it's what people give you.  While they are all cute, I decided it was time to try one that was made for Monkey but hadn't yet fit him... this monkey hat:

This picture doesn't do it justice (blame the photographer, not the knitter) but this hat is super cute.

And how did it look on Monkey:

And, since I'm not the selfish type, you too can have this hat (not this one, I'm not taking this off of his head).  Our friend and her sister sell handmade items (and her husband makes gorgeous crosses) at Hodgey Podgey. Once there, if you click on "crocheted creations" on the left hand menu, you might recognize the baby sleeping under a blanket (another beautiful gift from our friend).  We are still receiving royalties on that photo shoot.


  1. Imay be the president of his nothern fan club, but tell me he's not gorgeous!!!

  2. I am so tickled that it finally fits and that he can use it! I think he'll get some use out of it next year too - since I'm sure it will be winter again in 3 months. :-)