Monday, February 1, 2010

The Answer (to the quiz)

So, thanks to all of you for playing my first blog quiz.  Of course, there was no intellectualism behind this quiz, it was purely a guessing game.  And while most of you guessed something correct (in that he will put ANYTHING in his mouth - thankfully we don't have dogs so no rawhide yet Shelley, but once he starts crawling I'm going to have to corral the cat toys) no one guessed the specific item.

Yes, he likes the ball thing in the front with a lot of loops, but it doesn't make his eyes light up.  Yes, he likes grabbing the frog-alien thing, but he actually doesn't suck on it for long.  So, what is his favorite toy?  What is the one that when I dangle in front of him he starts to jump up and down (a reaction that also and only occurs when I show him his bottle)?

Hint: While my baby might reside in Georgia... he was born in Texas...

Yes, my friends, somehow, out of all of his toys, Evan is most enamored with the longhorn.  He LOVES to put the horns in his mouth and he likes to have it sit with him in his exersaucer.  This way, when he jumps up and down, he accidentally presses on the stomach of the stuffed animal and it moos.  And he just laughs and laughs.

I mean seriously, have you ever seen a love quite like this?  I introduced the animal to him on a whim about 2 weeks ago and I've washed it almost 6 times since then.  I've tried giving him other similar animals (like the pig from the original picture) and he just isn't interested... at all.  Well, the boy knows what he likes.

Thanks for playing!!

PS - the electrical cords you see in the background... the ones that look like he could grab and shove in his mouth, they are not that close at all.  It's simply the angle of the photo.  I swear.

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