Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Castrucci Weekend: Saturday

Sorry it has been so long since I've written... but we had a super busy weekend and Monkey and I are still recovering.  It was sunny... all weekend - yippee.

What did we do you ask?  Well... check out our itinerary:

Saturday, February 20

3:30 AM - Wake with Mr. Evan, attempt to put him back to sleep
4:00 AM - Realize that Mr. Evan is not going to go back to sleep, so go and get him so he doesn't ruin the one morning Brian sleeps in.
4:15 AM - Feed Mr. Evan
5:00 AM - Evan and I go back to sleep
7:30 AM - Brian wakes up (apparently this is sleeping in when you normally wake up at 5:00 AM every day)
7:35 AM - Brian tries to see if I'm awake, I say something snarky to him and he stops bothering me
8:00 AM - I'm up and trying to shower before Mr. Evan wakes up (Brian has already showered at some point)
8:10 AM - Mr. Evan wakes up and makes it very clear that he is hungry.  I throw on some clothes, put gel in my hair, and go and feed him
8:30 AM - Brian has 2 choices: 1) Take Mr. Evan so I could do my hair and get dressed, 2) Be selfish, sit on the couch and watch TV while I take Mr. Evan AND try to do my hair and get dressed.
8:32 AM: Smart man chooses option #1
9:00 AM: We are out the door (me without coffee I may add) and on our way to Athens, GA
10:30 AM: We arrive at the "Babies Can't Wait" informational session in Athens (Brian funds this program and wanted to see how they do things in GA).  The turnout was pretty good and the bonus is that as we speak, sign language flash cards and DVDs are on their way to our house so I can teach Evan.  I was my usual awkward self as the "Director's wife" (a role that doesn't feel comfortable to me - especially since I'm not a Public Health wonk) and I only got offended by one person (she asked me what I did and when I told her I was a SAHM, she said "Well, you must have done something before - no?").
12:00 PM: On our way to downtown Athens (also known as the University of Georgia). 
12:15 PM: Find some really good restaurant to eat in (of course, I have no idea the name so I'll never be able to eat there again).  Mr. Evan fell asleep in car and sleeps through most of lunch.  Still no cofffee so give up and have a beer with lunch.
1:00 PM: Get check quickly as Mr. Evan woke up.  Walk around downtown.  Brian finds someplace to buy a Constellation Turtle for Evan (because that is what every boy needs) and I spot Ben & Jerry's.
2:00 PM: Ben & Jerry's break.  Mmmm, chocolate chip cookie dough.
2:15 PM: I make Brian pose for pictures with Evan on an Uga sculpture (bulldog mascot of the university). 

2:17  PM: Brian returns the favor and makes me pose on a more girly version.

2:30 PM: On way back to Atlanta.
2:45 PM: Screaming baby.  Pull over and I get in the back seat.  I feed him, sing to him, nothing works.  Apparently my decision to say "no highways" for the drive home on our Garman was not the smartest (as Brian pointed out).
3:30 PM: Make it back to Atlanta.  Of course, Evan falls asleep less than a mile from home so I have to wake him up to change the EXTREMELY smelly poopie he had in the car, while screaming in my ear.  But luckily he goes back to sleep.
5:00 PM: Evan wakes up.  We give him a bath. Play with him and feed him.
7:00 PM: Evan goes to sleep.
7:15 PM: Brian and I ate.
10:00 PM: Brian and I are in bed, impressed we made it that long.

(Exhausted yet... well that was only Saturday)

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  1. Ellen,
    You don't realize how many people may be reading your blog. I'm amazed by 2 things: that you have energy or time or write this and that you guys are wearing t-shirts.
    Your son is too cute! I'm jealous.
    Enjoy him.
    FLorence Skaf