Friday, February 26, 2010

The Castrucci Weekend: Sunday

So, I feel like I should get this done before another Sunday comes up... you know, like in 2 days.  I've been a real slacker with this post... my apologies.

So, our itinerary for LAST Sunday:

2:00 AM: Evan wakes up.  It is Brian's one morning to take care of Evan (and my one morning to sleep in).  Brian doesn't hear Evan, so I wake him up.  Brian asks for a reminder of what he is supposed to do.  Brian attempts to put Monkey back to sleep (incidentally he chose to use the mobile instead of the aquarium - usually no biggie except for the fact that through our HIGHLY sensitive monitor, the mobile sounds like it is screaming in my ear).
2:30 AM: I get back to sleep.
2:40 AM: Evan is back up so I wake up Brian. 
2:43 AM: Evan can't be soothed.  Brian asks me what to do.  I tell him to feed Evan, then hang with him for a little bit and put him back to sleep.
6:30 AM: Evan wakes up and I wake up Brian (see a pattern here?).
8:00 AM: Brian wakes me up and offers to take me to The Flying Biscuit if  get going now.  I get up, do something to my crazy hair, Brian dresses Evan, and somehow we make it out of the house by 8:30 AM.
8:45 AM: Wait at the Flying Biscuit.
8:50 AM: Still waiting.
9:00 AM: Breakfast... yummy eggs, cottage cheese pancakes, grits and hello biscuit (almost as wonderful and waist heavy as the queso - melted cheese - I feel in love with in Texas).
9:35 AM: Brian agrees to visit Sevananda Natural Food Market with me (I've been meaning to go here for some time).  Sadly, it was not all that I thought it would be and couldn't hold a candle to Wheatsville Food Coop in Austin.  Plus, Brian kept walking around and asking me where the meat section was (it's a vegetarian coop) so I knew we had to get out of there.
10:05 AM: We decide, what the heck, let's go to the zoo (small reminder here that I'm still not showered... oh it's pretty folks).  The Atlanta Zoo is about 10 minutes from our house and Sunday was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.  We had been meaning to go and get a membership (remember Brian's love for all caged animals?) so today was perfect.
10:15 AM: We go to the zoo and buy our family membership.  Basically, as long as Brian and I go 3 times (or one of us goes 6 times, or a combination thereof - yeah, math not my best subject) it pays for itself. 
10:20 AM: Once we get in the zoo I realize that we've yet again fallen into the category of unprepared parent.  We are about to walk around the zoo for at least an hour, in the sun, and our fair-headed absent of hair child has no hat.  Oh yeah, and I'm a little cold.
10:25 AM: We buy a cute hat for Evan and a little jacket for me (with our membership discount I might add).  Here is a close-up of the hat (Evan is a little tired in this photo - it's towards the end of our journey):

10:30 AM: We start our trek through the zoo.  The Atlanta Zoo is split up in to continents (and is a very cool zoo).  We saw all of Africa and some of Asia before Evan started to wilt (as seen in the picture above).  I took a picture of Brian and Evan by a gorilla statue:

Brian got the only picture of me walking back from the restroom (unshowered and all... pretty pretty hair):

And because I'm being lazy, you can see more pictures on your own at Snapfish (the zoo photos are mixed in with other pictures because I'm not that organized - get over it).  And, I'm supposed to tell you that the zoo photos are courtesy of Brian, which I'm sure you would have figured out since they are missing my signature cropped people, blurriness, and other photo errors.

12:30 PM: We take Evan home for a nap.
2:30 PM: Evan wakes up from his nap.  We feed him, and then we go out for Mexican (one of the things we miss from Texas) to El Matador.
4:00 PM: Back home.  Lots of sitting on the couch and overall exhaustion.
6:00 PM: Time for Evan's first solid food.  I do an awful job of mixing the formula and rice cereal (because that's like rocket science) and his first food resembles paste.  And, come to think of it, I tried some and it kind of tasted like past - like that tub past that everyone has a taste of in kindergarten / first grade.  He was not (and still isn't) quite sure what to make of it:

7:00 PM: Evan goes to bed.
9:30 PM: Brian and I pass out.  I'm exhausted all over again writing this.

Tomorrow we plan on going to the outlets.  This could be another marathon weekend... I need a vacation - again.

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