Friday, June 4, 2010

I Did a Bad Bad Thing

So, one day a few weeks ago I was annoyed (or possibly jealous is the more appropriate word to use) that Daddy is the "fun" one between the two of us.  So I decided to show Monkey that Mommy can be fun too... and I did a bad bad thing.  I taught my son to jump off the couch. 

Daddy was kind enough to stand in so I could take pictures to show you how this all happens.

1. First you place Monkey on the edge of a couch cushion.

2. Then you make sure he is looking at you and that your hands are near his arm pits.

3. Next you say "1 - 2 - 3 jump" and he scoots his butt off the couch (sorry for the blurry picture) and...

4. ... into your waiting hands where he laughs at the ridiculous fun.

So, overall this doesn't seem so bad.  Except that 1) I need to warn anyone who plays with him because now he does it so automatically that if you aren't ready, he will still go, and 2) when I placed him on the edge of the pool the other day he immediately decided to jump in to my arms... thankfully I had my hands out in case he fell (not in case he jumped).

I'm telling you, this boy has no fear.  I can't even imagine what is going to happen once he can walk, run, and climb.  I better map out all the routes to the ER.

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