Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enough About Sleep

It's kind of amazing how much I can talk about sleep now that I have a baby.  Of course, I could also talk about bowel movements and teething ad nauseum... but let's look at something different.

Let's look at this:

What is this?  Well, the most obvious answer is that it is Monkey's back.  The less obvious answer is it is one of my favorite ways to watch him play (the others ways being every other angle of Monkey).

Sometimes, just sitting there and watching his back is very rewarding.  You aren't really sure what he is doing, but you get to see all kinds of wiggling and squirming and you can pretty much make up the story in your head.  I'm also fascinated by how straight his back is and how naturally that comes to him.

Then sometimes he will turn sideways:

And since I still can't see his face I get to continue to imagine what is going on in his little (or big... 98th percentile people) head.  For instance, I know that in this moment he was trying to put the Jack-in-the-box (or odd-looking-cowboy-in-the-box... he was on clearance, what can I say?) back in to his box.  He is fascinated with this toy  because he knows what is supposed to happen but can't quite figure out how to make it happen. And yet, he never gets frustrated... he just keeps trying until something else catches his attention.

By the way, you should know that after I snapped each of these photos he immediately turned to me with a gigantic smile... smiling for the camera just a second too late.

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