Monday, June 21, 2010

Dante Missed a Circle

So... Brian's first Father's Day.  He got cards from Evan, the cats, and me.  He had banana bread french toast for breakfast (courtesy of chef Ellen) and he ended his day with the pool and pasta from Maggiano's.  Hmm... and what else happened?  Let me think... oh yeah, in between breakfast and dinner the air conditioner broke... again.

Yesterday it was 96 degrees in Atlanta.  We have one window in our shoebox that opens and two points (a skylight and high windows) where the sun comes in and beats down on the concrete floor.  So, I'm thinking that somewhere in between Dante's circle for violence (the 7th) and the one for fraud (the 8th), lay a smaller circle that looked something like this:

We will categorize it as Circle 7.1 and we will name it the Circle of Fans.

And a bonus moment about yesterday - turns out all the HVAC guys wanted to spend their day with their families - you know, because it was Father's Day and all.  Thankfully we found one guy who wasn't as dedicated and about 4 PM someone came out and fixed it.

And how did Monkey handle the Inferno?  Well, at first he was fascinated by the newest fan in our house:

But his interest wore off quickly as it got hotter and hotter.  Once his cheeks turned the color of a ripe strawberry I decided it was time to strip him down.  Because was good is being a baby if you don't take advantage of the fact that you get to sit around in your underwear?

Overall he didn't seem too annoyed.  I think he knew something wasn't as he liked it but he didn't know what.  He still took his naps and ate his dinner.  Thankfully the air was in full swing by the time he went to sleep.  And then the lovely boy gave Daddy his final gift - a full 12 hours of sleep.

Hopefully next year's Father's Day will be a little more idyllic.

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  1. Wish Brian a happy belated father's day. Dear god, ATL is as hot as ATX. Glad you got the AC fixed!