Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Milestone

Take a look at this:

Yes, I know, he is the cutest baby you've ever seen, but look closer:

Yup, my big boy is now standing all over the place.  You may remember that he first showed his aptitude for standing in his crib and then Brian and I immediately lowered the mattress. 

Since then he has been mostly content with just kneeling.  He would occasionally crawl around in a "Bear Walk" (this is Brian's terminology, it's when Monkey get on his hands and keeps his legs straight so that he is crawling in an upside down "V" with his butt in the air... it looks nothing like a bear) but he didn't seem interested in repeating the standing. 

Then, last weekend, I was cooking dinner, Brian was working on the computer and Monkey was telling us how unhappy he was alone in his corral.  Brian got up to play with him and I heard him say "Look at that," and so I did and there was my little man standing holding on to his gate.  Since then he has done it plenty of times on the gate (he is super fast at getting up now) and he has also stood holding on to his toy box, the couch, the railings on his crib and anything else he can grab hold of.  He hasn't started to move once he stands yet but I'm sure that isn't far behind.

Because look at this face... he knows all the monkey things he can do once he can walk.

I'm a little frightened to be honest.

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