Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Food

We are slowly moving towards a revolt in our house.  Monkey doesn't seem to appreciate the jarred baby food anymore.  Instead, he wants fresh food.  Last night he turned his head at the sweet potatoes and corn that he has eaten previously and instead ate mild cheddar cheese and grapes.  Then Brian and I went out to dinner and Monkey tried fish (white fish from a fish taco - yummy), pork (which we know he likes), shredded chicken (also a winner).

This morning he refused to eat his apples and banana mixed with rice cereal.  So instead, he is currently scarfing down watermelon (and feeding himself so I can write this post).

As of yet we haven't found something he won't eat (besides the iron fortified oatmeal and cereal - and I tried it so I don't blame him).  I'm hoping this lasts for a long time since I cook on a whim and need my family to enjoy a wide range of food.

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