Thursday, June 3, 2010

Evan's Cat

As I may have mentioned before, we have 4 cats (and every time I type that it sounds crazier and crazier).  For the most part the cats have viewed Evan as an anomaly in the house in which they are interested but not concerned.
For instance:

This was when Evan was about 2 weeks or 3 weeks old.  As you can see neither cat seems particularly worried about the baby's presence.

However, for the most part, this changed once Evan became mobile.  The old man cat (Assisi/Bubba) stopped going near the baby once he rolled over.  My Lucy Cat has been timid ever since he started grabbing for her somewhere around February.  Socks gave up once the baby could crawl.  But there is one cat that just didn't get the memo...

For some reason, Bella doesn't really sense the threat of the baby even though she is the only one he has caught so far.

What happens is that Bella (who is under the jumperoo in the above photo) comes in the corral to get love from either Brian or myself.  Baby sees Bella and screams.  He immediately starts going after her.  For some odd reason Bella slowly walks away (she is NOT running in this photo).

Then, at some point, it is inevitable that Baby corners Bella (because apparently Bella completely forgets that she is a cat and can 1) jump on the couch, and 2) squeeze through small spaces like the gap between the gate and the couch).  Often he corners Bella under the chair at the right of the photo (where Bella is going in this picture) even though there are no corners.

Evan grabs handfuls of Bella's hair, uses her to get in to a kneeling position and then bounces on his knees.  So far Bella has only pinned her ears back... no lunging or biting.  But, all the same, either Brian or I usually saves Bella from her torture.  And this can happen a few different times in one day.   Apparently she is not our smart cat.

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