Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ugh - Teething

So, I think the reason my baby has been up and down all night is from teething.  I know he is teething but he hasn't yet told me if that is what is making his nights so restless so I have to speculate.  And, if his nights are restless, then so are mine (add to that a husband who has been sleeping restlessly and you have one exhausted mommy). 

And because of all this exhaustion, I'm cheating on today's post.  All I've done the least two days is cook, take care of monkey, and sleep.  None of this is that exciting to blog about.  Instead, I'm going to share with you some pictures I haven't posted yet. Hopefully I'll be more exciting tomorrow...and you never know, I'm going to the grocery store today so all kinds of stories could come out of that!

The photos:

I'm including this picture because it's actually very deceiving.  What you might see is a baby staring confused and or bleary eyed at the camera.  In fact, what is really going on is that my baby is staring intently at the camera - trying to figure out how that thing works.  Future engineer right here.  You say po-tae-to, I say po-ta-to.

And why did I include this photo here (besides the obvious fact of how incredibly adorably my baby is eating his hand)?  This is to show you how wonderfully sensitive people are.  This is at the Georgia State Aquarium.  This is a guy (no clue who he is) knocking over my baby to see in front of him.  Thanks for your kindness nameless dude - nice manners to teach my baby.

This one really doesn't need an explanation - it's just adorable.  However, there is more to this picture than you can see.  What Evan is wearing is the cutest one-piece with feetsies... it's a baseball uniform.  The feetsies are made to look like little sneakers and whoever made this went all out - they even made the "laces" to be slightly raised.  I share this information with you because my baby LOVES those raised laces.  He sits there and plays with them forever (which is approximately 10 minutes for a 5-month old baby).  I don't have a picture of that though... because that would make too much sense.

This is my baby in his swing (with the same baseball onesie on).  This is probably one of the last times you will see him in his swing.  Apparently he is too old for this and he doesn't feel the need to be in it anymore.  But if I left things up to him, he would be walking all around the house as we speak. 

And this, this is because I haven't talked about my other children in a while and I couldn't resist this picture of dumb and dumber.  This cat bed has a long history... once upon a time, this bed belong to Kitty Cat.  When Kitty passed, she bequeathed this bed to her favorite brother, Bubba Cat.  This bed was then moved to TX so Bubba could have something familiar with him.  The bed was put in the den in TX.  Incidentally, the den was where we put the kittens when we first got them and they used to sleep together in this bed.  Then we moved to GA and I brought the bed again for something familiar.  Now, these two big dummies fight over the bed (that yes, is sitting on a couch... way too long) and apparently, on occasion, someone decides they are done fighting and just get in.  Bubba was there first.

And on a final note for your entertainment, and to top off this week, last night I dropped a half gallon of milk, almost full, on the kitchen floor.  What's next... grandma's china (which thankfully is in storage so I can't break it)?

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