Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bringing You up to Date

Okay - I'm bored of writing the events of our move in detail, so I've decided to share the highlights with you:

Packers / Movers
This went oddly smooth. At 8am three guys showed up at our house to pack. They were done by 3pm. I've never seen such efficiency.

Then the movers showed up the next day and my in-laws stuck around to "manage" them while
Brian and I got on an airplane.

The only odd thing is that we called our moving company on Monday because we hadn't heard from the driver and he said he would be here Monday or Tuesday. Turns out he had the stomach flu this past weekend and was running behind (but he made it here by Tuesday morning). This is odd because my mom always says I'm living her life (moving around America with my husband who is eerily like my Dad in some ways is one example) and on one of her movers the driver got pneumonia and went MIA for a week. Thankfully ours was only a day or two.

Flying with a Baby
Honestly, Brian and I didn't know what to expect. Evan is such a laid back baby and is so easy, flying could have gone either way. While we waited hours in the airport for our flight (we had to drop the cats off early for their flight so we were super early for our flight) Evan mostly slept. When he was awake he was just looking around.

Brian opted to have Evan sit next to him on the plane because he felt he could comfort him (I also think it was a bonus that it was a 2x2 jet so that having Evan meant that a stranger wouldn't sit next to him). We boarded (and by the way people, the next time you get on an airplane behind someone with a baby and a cat... have some patience - you have seat assignments so there is no rush), Bubba and Evan settled in and we were ready. Someone had told me to make sure Evan was sucking on a pacifier so we were good to go.

The tunnel pulled away from the airplane and as the plane pulled away from the gate, our baby woke up and proceeded to SCREAM! Brian was trying to soothe him but nothing was working. People started to look and we had no idea what to do.

Thank god for experienced parents. The gentleman in front of me was kind enough to explain to us that the pacifier would work, Evan needed to swallow to release his ears (duh). So, heeding his advice, we gave Evan a bottle... and he was wonderful. He did have a giant poopie (I know, TMI, but it was huge) which necessitated a diaper and outfit change in the smallest plane bathroom ever, but other than that he slept the entire plane ride... even landing.

Being in Atlanta
Again, things hove oddly worked out. I know I keep sounding pessimistic... but remember my ride with the moving people where I got us lost and then I burst in to tears? That is what I keep expecting.

My parents were here for 2 days so we got to show them where we will be staying for the next few months and where we hope to build. Evan has been a serious trooper with all of this chaos (although he has reverted back to getting up in the middle of the night but I'm sure that will settle down once he is back in his crib and in a more stable place). The cats have almost acclimated to the loft, and we are leaving the hotel today (the movers showed up yesterday - Brian met them while I stayed with monkey... he had no mishaps - maybe it's me?) to unpack the loft... it looks scary in there right now.

Have I mentioned that it is freezing in Atlanta... seriously freezing, like we are going to get snow. I think I am completely not acclimated to this type of weather anymore. It may take a while for me to be okay with it again. Until then, I'll have a lot to do in the loft which will keep me warm and busy.

I hope to have the Internet available at the loft by tomorrow but one never knows if our hopes will work out so I may or may not be posting soon.

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