Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Loft

I think I've put off sharing pictures of the loft with you long enough.  I keep putting it off because I was hoping to wait until everything had a home and we were settled... but I'm beginning to think we are as settled as we will be for the next 6 months. 

Just as a reminder, the loft is where we are staying as a temporary home.  We are hoping to buy a plot of land and build on it.  Supposedly the home will be completed by July so we would move from the loft to there... and yes, pack and unpack all over again.  We meet with the builders on Friday so I can give some updates then

So, here goes... the loft:

This is me taking a picture with my back to the door.  There are 3 "areas" you don't see right now but I'll show you those areas in future pictures.  What you do see is our eating area (the coats are covering the chair and the table is hidden behind the dancing bears) and our den.  What - you don't see a den?  Take a closer look... that's right - the secretary's desk is our current den.  Listen, space is a premium so I had to get creative.

What you also see is a big white wall which isn't a wall but a giant sliding door.  Behind that is Evan's room but since he is asleep right now, there are no pictures of his space.  We fondly refer to that room as the cave because it is super dark - but that works really well for baby sleeping.  It is also the place where the heat turns on so the white noise and warmth make it a cozy den.  Now, if I can only figure out how to convince the boy to sleep through the night again all would b wonderful.

If you look up in the picture, behind that top green wall is our bedroom.  It is a room with our bed, a bathroom with a gigantic Japanese shower (at least that is what Brian told me it was - one room with shower and tub, no door or curtain), and a closet.

For the next 2 shots, I went upstairs to take pictures so I could get the best view of the loft. What you see here is my kitchen and Brian's work space.  You also see the front windows and a corner of the door.  As you can see, my kitchen is kind of small so I brought along a bookcase which serves as more kitchen storage (behind Brian's desk).  The sad part is that I only brought about 1/3 of my kitchen with me... apparently I have a lot of stuff.

My favorite part of the kitchen is the pot rack.  I would think for people who don't cook often that the pot rack would just be a dust collector.  But I've already used each one of these pots and I've only been here a week (wow, I've been here a week and in Atlanta for 2 weeks - the fact that this isn't a vacation is starting to sink in).

So, apparently my picture taking skills are lacking but if you can see through the darkness at all, what you are looking at is our TV room.  The TV is on a stand behind the giant pole that I got in the picture.  This area is where we spend most of our time - playing with Evan, watching TV and whatnot.

And let me just take a moment to talk about TV.  In NJ, Brian and I had basic cable, no DVR, no OnDemand - just cable.  Then we moved to TX and got DirectTV for the NFL package.  I loved the guide and the ability to autotune to different shows.  And now... since we are in a loft and didn't want to deal with a dish on our patio, we have Comcast.  We got some insane 6 month introductory thing and so we have a DVR, HD, and OnDemand... and I am completely hooked.  What do you mean I can watch my shows whenever I want?  What do you mean I can see episodes of shows that I want to watch at 3:30 in the morning as I feed the baby?  What do you mean I don't have to decide anymore between a TV show and personal plans because I can do both... whenever I want?  Yes, folks, my name is Ellen and I'm a DVR / OnDemand addict.  If we go back to DirectTV (and after the Eagles' poor showing in the playoffs I may have to decide if I want to torture myself next year) we are probably going to have to spend even more and get a DVR.  Why are addictions so expensive?

So, to recap, the only things not pictured are the details of our second floor (bed/bath/closet) a first floor bathroom which is off the kitchen, the laundry closet off the bathroom, and monkey's room.  When he wakes up I'll try and take pictures of those things and post later.

Yes, this place is a lot smaller than our house in TX (that we still own, but it's officially on the market so fingers crossed... know anyone who needs a house close to Austin?) but Brian keeps wondering why he likes this place so much more.  I see the charm, but I wouldn't mind another door or two... and a bigger kitchen. 

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