Friday, January 15, 2010

The Loft - FAQs

Apparently my post about the loft did nothing but create more questions so I wanted to share with everyone some of the questions and answers in case you had the same questions:

Q: Are there people living above you?
A: No, the lofts are in an old warehouse building so our ceilings are the old ceilings of the warehouse.  We have neighbors on either side and one that shares our back wall.

Q: Can you hear your neighbors?
A: Yes, we can hear them loud and clear.  After a pleasant conversation with the college students that live next door, Brian has been able to let them know we have a baby and they've been very considerate.  I'm sure we sound like a circus to them - 4 cats, a baby, and 2 loud Italians.

Q: Your pictures were so bad (thanks mom) that they confused me even more.  Can you give a quick breakdown of the first floor?
A: Sure.  There are basically 4 "areas" on the first floor.  When you walk in to the loft, directly to your left is our family room.  It has 2 couches, an ottoman, and our TV.  Directly to your right is Brian's work area and miscellaneous.  It has a small desk that holds Brian's laptop, a buffet that holds miscellaneous items, a bookshelf that holds kitchen items (cookbooks, crockpot, cuisinart, snacks, measuring cups, spices, etc), monkey's stroller and car seat, and a wall unit that holds our DVDs and CDs.  In the back left corner is our round dining table (kitchen table from old house) and our secretary's desk.  Back right corner is the kitchen - pretty self-explanatory with a few cabinets and minimal counter space.

Q: Has monkey adjusted to his new room?
A: As a matter of fact, last night was the first night he slept through the ENTIRE night since we moved.  Mostly that was because his mother went all stupid and for some reason was automatically feeding him when he woke up at 3:30 in the morning so he continued to wake up.  But, then she got super smart again and reminded Monkey he doesn't need a bottle during the night.

Q: How can you be so funny all the time?
A: Really, it just comes naturally to me.  There is no secret... I'm just that funny.

Well, I think that answer all the questions (that last question came from a reader in Montana - true story).  Feel free to leave any more you have about any of my posts and I'll address them as they come.

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