Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday

And seriously... I hate Mondays.  Today consisted of:
  1. Scraping off skin on my thigh as a piece of furniture attacked me.
  2. Dropping an entire bottle (not even opened) of olive oil on a concrete floor.  Yes, it was a glass bottle. Yes, I used my nice white guest bathroom towels to clean it up.  And then yes, I threw out those towels.
  3. Spending 45 minutes at the post office, with an almost-5-month old baby, to mail one letter express and buy a book of stamps.
But it also consisted of Mr. Monkey Pants.  Today he tried and tried and tried and tried to turn back over again.  After accomplishing this feat once last week he seemed to not be interested in it at all, but today his interest resurfaced.

I am constantly amazed at his commitment to something that just seems so impossible.  He tried to turn over once:

Good form, but it was not going to happen.  (As an aside... look how cute his little but is... there is no way mine was ever that little).

So he tried again.

This time he actually got some air on the right side of this body.  I think if he had just pushed a little harder he would have made it over.

Still not to be beaten, he tried again:

I think he got a little excited about the possibility of crawling at this point and lost sight of his goal... forest for the trees my little man.  (Notice the different camera angle, I'm switching things up for you).

And here is his final attempt:

Sure, it's kind of half-assed but he is only almost-5-months and new tricks tire him out.  I believe after this one, he cried a little but, Mommy picked him up, offered a finger to suck and all was well with the world again.

Notice how I made it through this whole blog (almost) without mentioning how these photos highlight the lack of hair of my baby?  I'm trying to be patient (honestly mom, I'm trying).

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