Friday, January 1, 2010

The Exodus - Overview

Even though Brian and I were coordinating a move that only included ourselves, a 4-month old baby and 4 cats - it sure felt like we were the masterminds behind the Jewish Exodus. Here is an overview of our move - details to be posted later:

Most of December - sorted belongings into trash / give away / place in storage / bring to apartment

Christmas Day - Brian's parents arrived to help us babysit with Evan

Day after Christmas - packed miscellaneous items, sorted through items for storage or apartment, saw Avatar with good Texas friends, watched improv (and participated in it), and then dinner

December 27 - more sorting, preparing for my parents to arrive the next day

December 28 - more sorting, getting my parents at the airport, family dinner at The Olive Garden, trying to figure out what to send with my parents (driving our car across country) what to bring on the airplane, and other small details

December 29 - packers arrive, trash day (goodness - there was a lot of trash), my parents leave to drive our Prius to Atlanta, other car gets picked up by transport, get rental car to bring us to the airport the next day

December 30 - gather 4 cats in to carriers (too many stories for this blog), pack up baby, pack up ourselves, movers arrive, give direction to movers and Brian's mom, Brian's Dad takes us to the airport, 3 cats go on Continental in cargo, Evan, Brian, Bubba and I fly in an itty bitty jet to Atlanta, we learn secrets of experienced parents about flying with a baby, land in Atlanta, get rental car, get 3 cats at cargo, drop off all cats at apartment, we go to hotel, meet up with my parents, order Chinese, pass out

December 31 - Meet with Atlanta real estate agent, show parents around our new neighborhood in Atlanta, visit with cats, eat at good seafood restaurant, come back to hotel for baby to sleep, eat pizza, pretend am going to ring in the New Year but pass out at 10:30 PM

So, how did monkey handle all this? Thankfully he is still young and fairly adaptable... he slept a lot:

Monkey sleeping on the floor in Texas (sometimes he just had to sleep where he was because his room wasn't available).

Monkey and mommy at the airport in Austin (yes, I travel in the height of fashion).

Monkey and Daddy at airport in Austin.

Just writing this stressed me out all over again. I'm chime in with details throughout the week...

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