Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Southern Chapter of the Evan Fan Club

This past weekend, the President and Vice-President of the southern chapter of the Evan Fan Club came to visit.  These people are more informally known as Grandma and Papa (Brian's parents).  My parents, Maga and Grandpa, are President and Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic chapter. I'm the Supreme Being over all the chapters.  Occasionally we all get together and have big meetings... never mind, I'm taking this all a little too far.

So, to continue the tradition of constant stimulation whenever grandparents visit, we did some pretty fun things for Evan and the grownups.  We showed Brian's parents around our neighborhood (baby slept) and where we hope to build.  We walked around Lenox mall (fancy mall... not for shopping, more for people watching), and we visited my new love - Whole Foods (more on that later).

The thing we did that I enjoyed the most and that I think intrigued Evan that most was the Georgia Aquarium (which is incidentally, the largest aquarium in the world... yes, I said "in the world"). 

Those of you who know Brian and I, might be aware of the fact that aquariums are not my thing... they are Brian's thing.  I think aquariums are a menu (and we did have seafood before we went...yummy!), but I have to admit, watching my baby and his wide eyes as he tried to process this weird world we live in made aquariums MUCH more interesting.

This is only the entryway to the aquarium and look how big his eyes are already (although he may be distracted by the woman who chose to wear tights, 3-inch heels, and a shirt - masquerading as a dress).  I like that his Grandma and Papa dressed him in penguins for this momentous occasion.

This fish was just hanging out, watching my baby watch him.  According to the volunteer, these fish like to hang out in caves and they think that the humans are hanging out in the best cave ever and they don't understand why they can't get to it so they sit there and try to figure out how to get in.  I agree, that just sound nuts.  It's much more realistic that the fish was just astounded by how cute my baby is and needed to stop and stare... and stare... and stare...

I included this photo because my complete inability to use a camera makes it look like Brian and Evan are in the water with the fish... don't worry, they aren't.  But I like this picture.  However, my baby is teething and enjoying his hand sandwich.

And this I included to show you why I don't like aquariums... what about this is cute?  What about this is cuddly?  This just scares me half to death - I don't even want my baby seeing anything like this.  But he did... he looked and looked.  And then he passed out in the car on the way home.  I wonder what he dreamt about that night.

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