Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Night

Last night Mr. Monkey woke up at 1:00 (and apparently my husband was also up and I didn't know that until I got up), 1:45, 3:00, 3:30, and 4:00.  And yes, they were all AM.  It was difficult to get him back down the first waking, easy the next 3 (although as you can see from the times, it may have been easy but not effective) and then difficult to get him down the last time (how I'm typing I have no idea).  And I still have no idea why he was waking up so much.  I blame teething and turning over.

And this is where you say: "Turning over?  But, Ellen - you've said that Monkey doesn't turn over in his crib."

Yes my readers, I have said that and I meant it... at the time.  Last night, when I came down to find out what all the hub-a-loo was at 4:00 AM... there was my baby, wrapped in his blanket, pacifier in his mouth, rolled over on his stomach.  Like any rational mother, I completely panicked, turned Monkey over, removed his blanket and all the toys I wasn't supposed to have in his crib anyway (but I had to entertain him so I could get 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning).  I then spent a few fruitless minutes trying to convince monkey that he didn't want to sleep on his stomach.

So, he decided to sleep on his stomach, and my next rational move was to sit in our TV "room" (remember, it's a loft, it's all one room so those aren't gratuitous quotation marks) with his monitor and look at it every 5 minutes to make sure he was breathing.  And, when I couldn't tell from the monitor, I went in to his room and rubbed his back to make him move.  This lasted for about 25 minutes before I HAD to go back to sleep.  So, for safety's sake, I went in and rolled him on to his back.

I had just fallen asleep when he woke up, tried and tried and tried and was successful at rolling back on to his stomach.  Then he was out like a light again in about 5 minutes.  Of course I was watching this in my monitor, while I was in bed... on my stomach.

Moral of the story - monkey is currently a stomach sleeper and mommy is a bit neurotic about the possibility of suffocation.  However, lucky for monkey... mommy is so tied that when he next naps he could sleep hanging from the ceiling and mommy won't notice because she too will be sleeping.

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