Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Thursday

It's Thursday... it's raining... I'm super tired... and I have a wiggly almost-5-month old baby.  Why am I tired?  My belief is that it's because this is my first time since December 1 that I haven't had a "to do" list.  Why is my baby wiggly you ask... because he is a Mr. Monkey Pants.  Why is it raining?  Apparently it has something to do with barometric pressure blah blah blah and nothing to do with God crying - go figure.

So what is a momma to do in this situation?

How about the wonderful, hands free, self-amusing exersaucer. Ta-da:

Look at all the fun things to do... he can play with lambs, cows, and even a pig.  And, when that teething moment hits, he can gnaw on the edge of the seat (I only know this because I've seen him do it millions of times... which reminds me that I need to sanitize that thing).

And the bonus is that the exersaucer is situated close to a cat (bonus for Evan not for the cat... Bubba is not so happy to have an amused Evan close by) so he can look at the cat as well.  Or, he can turn around and watch Charmed on TV (come one, it's totally appropriate viewing for an almost-5-month old).

So, how long will this joy last?  Ten minutes? Fifteen minutes?  Can I get twenty?  However long, I'm going to enjoy watching him from afar... like the couch.  And come on, who wouldn't want to watch that cute little face?

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