Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Short Post

Here is what I've learned about babies.  One day they will cry, scream, and refuse to sleep to the point where you want to put them on your front doorstep with a "free" sign on them.  Then you remember they are crying and screaming and not sleeping because of teething and you feel guilty.

Then, the next day, they rub their eyes because they are tired (you know, no sleep the day before can make you pretty tired), you pick them up, they put their little heads in the crook of your neck and promptly fall asleep before you even get them to the crib.  Then you stand there holding them and you can't even imagine that this precious little baby has ever cried before.  And that is when God gets you and you think about having a second and boom you're pregnant (not me, remember my first conception post and all the ones following, I need more than "boom" to get pregnant).

And now that he is sleeping I need to do all the things I had to do yesterday but couldn't. 

But first, remember this...

Can you believe this is the same baby?

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