Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Loot

Aaah, Mother's Day.  What a fabulous holiday to get your children to spend time with their father.  But, seriously, I had a fabulous day / weekend.

My weekend started out with a quick trip to Atlantic Station (very cool shopping area of Atlanta).  You see, there were some chairs in a store that I had my eye on... for a couple of months now.  While I do have an obsession with chairs (it goes along with me weird plate obsession) I actually do need new chairs.  My current kitchen chairs are from Ikea and they have cloth slip covers.  They served their purpose well but after a few years of my hiney, they were starting to get wobbly in a way that couldn't be fixed.  And, the cloth slip covers had been washed one too many times and used as scratching posts.  My dining room chairs (currently in storage) are no better.  We bought leather chairs... and we have 3 cats that have claws.  Just take a minute to think about the repercussions.  So, the moral of the story is that we needed new chairs.

I wanted something cat proof (or close to... I understand actual cat proof is a dream), something that would make our dining room set a little more casual, something that would soften the hard lines of the dining room set, and something with personality.

So, meet my new chairs:

I adore them.. I mean I love love love them.  As Brian said, they are my way of slowly moving in some retro to our decor (because if it was up to me, our house would look like a 1950s/1960s house... everywhere).
When we bought them, Brian wasn't sure how comfortable they would be so we decided to get four of these and then 2 white chairs for his comfort:

I think they will add some pizzazz to our dining room, some curves to the table, and all around coolness to our life... because you know, that is definitely important.

So, Saturday we bought these chairs (that I love love love) and then on Sunday we went out to breakfast... along with every other mother in Atlanta.  Let me tell you, my son is amazing.  We had to wait for 25 minutes for a table, then breakfast took an hour, and he wasn't even that fussy. 

After breakfast Brian took Evan on some errands because I had asked to be alone in the loft so I could clean.  Yes, I said it... so I could clean.  It isn't easy to mop concrete floors with 4 cats, 1 mobile baby, and a husband all standing on top of them.  And with Evan's new found mobility and the return visit of summer ants, this place was going to sparkle like the top of the Chrysler building (little "Annie" quote to start off your week).

And then we had pizza... sitting on our new chairs... in a very clean house.  I think Mother's Day is my favorite day of all... and Thanksgiving - I mean, pumpkin pie... yummy.

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  1. Happy belated Mother's Day! Love the chairs- both styles but I think the white are my fav. Come to think of it, the white chairs would look good in my house. Any chance I can find them in Austin?