Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Little Man

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I went to the doctor's in the morning (as in ALL morning) and then was busy chasing after a busy baby in the afternoon.  No worries about the doctor, I went for a physical because... ummm... I probably haven't had one since I was 17 years old and just felt it was time.  So, she gave me every test my insurance would pay for (like an EKG, Breathing Test) and took 4 vials of blood.  All that came out of the appointment was that I have something on my arm she wants the dermatologist to look at... she isn't concerned, but just in case.  Thank God I spent 1.5 hours in the doctor's office for that.

Anyway, back to the busy little man.  My son has decided it is time to maximize his ability to move.  He is no longer satisfied with his gated circle.  He crawls to the "exit", rattles the gate, and starts to scream.  Eventually I let him out and spend my time following him around the house making sure he doesn't kill himself.  It's a lot of fun (but he is super cute crawling around).

When he does play in his gated circle, he has started to play with his toys in non-traditional ways.  For instance:

This started out as a simple game of "retrieval."  He would throw a toy in the middle of his exersaucer and then reach in to try and get it.

At some point he apparently decided he would just go in after it (see the toy on the right side of the exersaucer?).

And then I guess it wasn't too difficult to decide that since he was already in the exersaucer, he should just crawl out the other side.

And of course, you can't forget to smile for Daddy while he takes your picture!

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