Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Like Father Like Son

My husband is a sharp dresser... and I have absolutely nothing to do with it.  He wears fabulous colors, mixes patterns well, and has the coolest cuff links.  And, he has so many cuff links that people who know him well skip over his custom shirts and tailored suits to see what pair of cuff links he is wearing that day.

Turns out my baby likes cuff links just as much as his father.

Last night, when Brian came home, Evan had about 2-3 spoonfuls of pureed turkey (it looks just as gross as it sounds) and brown rice left in his jar.  He was being fussy, so daddy (also known as the coolest guy in the world for whom Evan will do anything) said he would try and feed him the last little bit.  Of course, for daddy, Evan gobbled it up and then he got very distracted.

He went directly to try and get daddy's cuff links.  He got a pretty good hold on it before Brian realized what was going on.

But can you blame him?  They are pretty cool cuff links.  And shouldn't he be allowed to play with him... I mean they are balls and all babies love balls!

(And by now you are obsessed with his little chubby fingers and little chubby hands and little chubby wrists... but they're mine.  And I get to kiss them all day long).

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