Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Babysitter

So, in order for Brian and me to go to the Metropolitan Food Show on Sunday we needed a baby sitter.  I'm sure Evan would have been fine if all we did was look at the exhibits, but not even the most perfect 8 month old in the world could not have sat through 1 hour of a cooking demonstration.

Originally, since this Sunday was really about me (Mario is my man, not Brian's), Brian was going to get the baby sitter.  But I think a combination of work and procrastination got the better of him and last Thursday we didn't have anyone. 

So, I did what I always do in these situations and went to the Internet (what did introverts like me do before the Internet?).  I found this awesome site, Sitter City, where you can look for local baby sitters, pet sitters, and adult sitters.  You pay a fee to join and then a monthly fee thereafter (for as long as you are a member).  You post a job and whoever replies, you can have a background check done on them, interview them, read ratings from other people who have used them, and ask for references. 

So far the Internet has given me Brian and my cat Lucy so I thought why not.  And it was definitely a smart thing to do.  I had 8 people respond to my job post before I closed it and after some interviews and reference checks, we went with a 26-year old kindergarten teacher.

I was nervous to leave Evan and, to be honest, a part of me was concerned he wouldn't miss me.  Well, with a cute blonde 26-year old to play with, my baby didn't miss me at all.  Thankfully he did smile when I walked in the door or I probably would have broken down in tears. 

She liked working for us (the babysitters get to rate the family after they babysit for them and I got to rate her - she gave us a good rate... we gave her a big tip - and of course Evan is a joy and all he did was smile for 4 hours straight) and I'm ecstatic that we have someone to use. I'm already planning Brian's birthday dinner, a movie night, and some other things.  Of course I need to be mindful of the cost, but sometimes splurging for my sanity is worth it!

PS - I talked myself out of the nannycam so I can only take her word for what happened.

PPS - I don't have a picture of her because I thought that was kind of creepy for our first meeting.  This is one of the cons of being a blogger about a person, you have to take pictures of people and that can be seen as weird.  Like when you're in the grocery store people wonder why you are taking pictures, or in a parking lot, etc.  Sometimes I wish I was a food bloggr, food never gets camera shy.


  1. You tip babysitters? I got so gipped all those years I babysat! Never once was I tipped...

  2. We tip for two reasons: 1)We think you should keep the person who has your baby's life in her hands happy at all times, and 2)On this website the babysitters get to rate us as a family as well... a little bribery always works :)