Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Only To Me

I don't mean this as a "woe is me" post since most of the things that happen to me aren't bad they are just weird.  And I can't figure out if they truly only happen to me or if I'm the only one who is willing to publicly talk about them.

Like when I was 17 and my wallet was stolen out of my purse on a bus in Italy and then 6 months later I received a package from the Florentine police that had my wallet with everything in it but the cash.  Or how once when Brian and I were driving down Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward one night in Atlanta (if Atlanta had projects this would be where they would be but since Atlanta doesn't have projects instead you just find the apartments of slum lords here) and Brian and I saw a Mexican (not common in this area of Atlanta) riding a saddled horse down the street from a gas station... in the middle of the city.  I kid you not.

So, while what happened today was yet again weird, I don't find it uncommon.

Evan, Chloe, and I were at the park (what a surprise) and a wave of children had just left so it was just the 3 of us left at the park.  I parked my double stroller next to a bench and Evan was playing on the slides while Chloe crawled around (and I tried to make sure she didn't eat anything too lethal).  Evan wanted a snack (his precious goldfish) and I turned around and saw a squirrel close to our stroller struggling with something.  I decided I should be the one to go over and get the snack and shoo the squirrel away.  As I got closer I noticed what the squirrel had - a big Ziploc bag that had smaller Ziploc bags of snacks (specifically graham cracker goldfish and freeze dried bananas).  It was MY Ziploc bag.  So this meant that the squirrel had to climb in to the bottom of my stroller, go in to my diaper bag and drag this bag out. 

I was in awe.  Check out the squirrel in this video:

Evan wasn't sure if he should be scared or amused.  I think I finally won him over to amazed.  Apparently when I go to the park I have to bring my snacks in an air tight container.  Who knew?

And come one, to how many people does this happen?

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